Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph [Music Video]

Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph [Music Video]

Gucci Mane – Long Live Dolph

“So Icy Christmas” 🥶 Out Now!

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25 Responses

  1. Crushroadmusic says:

    Gucci a real one, honor 🎖💯✍

  2. LIU says:

    vida longa gucci DEUS continue abençoando sua caminhada. bela homenagem ao young dolph

  3. Flyzoe gang says:

    Song gave me chills #longlivedolph

  4. Cashaun Johnson says:

    You can hear the pain in Gucci voice. Him and Dolph weren’t just industry friends.You can hear in their music the friendship was real💯

  5. Hennyslim says:

    This honestly the greatest honorary song ever made for someone. He didn’t make it about Gucci he made it about dolph loud and clear nothing but respect for this song

  6. L Smith says:

    Honestly I’m still trying to process the death of Dolph. I never met him but I felt like I knew him because of his music since my college years. None of us is prefect but the ones who are trying to do good always die why the scum bags out here walking freely.

    I played this song 6x and when Gucci said “One thing you know, you’re missed (Missed), one thing you know, we pissed” I felt that because honestly I’m pissed. Just seeing his wife and his kids by the pictures being posted on social media I can see the pain in their faces. Losing a love one hurts and no words can describe the pain. This is hell on earth and I feel it’s not going to get better out here. Please be safe everyone and love on your people.

  7. Neil Mixer says:

    Anybody else else this and get chills the whole time! Shits crazy out there! LONG LIVE DOLPH 🐬

  8. Scenic Fights says:

    You can tell this meant a lot to Gucci Mane.


    The king Gucci Mane never disappoints 🛐☝🏻

  10. TimeBucks says:

    From beginning to end you feel this

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