Gypsy Rose Blanchard Released From Prison

Gypsy Rose Blanchard Released From Prison

The young woman accused of murdering her abusive mom was released from prison. Gypsy Rose Blanchard was a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a condition in which a parent fakes or exaggerates a child’s illness to get attention. Fed up with years of unnecessary medical treatment, Blanchard got her then-boyfriend to stab her mother to death. Boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn got life while she got 10 years. Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero has more.

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  1. @greenbutterfly9455 says:

    Munchousens syndrome goes a little deeper than just “faking a child’s illness,” the parent, (which is usually the mother), causes the child’s illnesses by repeatedly poisoning the child or physically abuses them and passes it off as “accidents” all to gain attention and sympathy.
    Such a sad case; I hope Gypsy still receives some sort of counseling.

    • @EnergeticSpark63 says:


    • @deneshbhaskar says:

      She is still gulity for using advantage of the people…She was abused and a victim but I dont trust what she says.. She got to go to disney land got a house and alot of free stuff… Look free her boyfriend..

    • @tanneroden says:

      @@deneshbhaskarit’s not like she knew she didn’t have cancer when got the stuff

    • @Weatheredstorms1 says:

      @@deneshbhaskarBefore you make thoughtless comments try educating yourself on the subject you’re commenting on. Clearly you don’t know much of anything about this case. HER MOM lied to a charity and got the house. It was in HER mom’s name. Her mom forced her to be seen by doctors. When that doctor would learn that Gypsy wasn’t sick through testing her mom packed their things and moved. HER mom lied to charities claiming they lived in New Orleans and were victims of hurricane Katrina. Her mom pulled her out of school and didn’t allow her to have more than a 2nd grade education. She forced her to be wheelchair bound. So much so her close relatives gasped when they saw her walk into court because they hadn’t seen her walk in more than a decade. HER mom forced her to undergo a procedure that removed her saliva glands which means her mouth is dry. She made her shave her head. She drugged her. HER mother stole from her own parents. They didnt even want to claim her remains. When they got her ashes they threw them in the garbage. Their own daughter. Why? Look at what she did to her daughter for a good 15 years. Imagine being told you have cancer and other things and be forced to be in a wheelchair so much that your own family thinks you need one to get around. Gypsy did not take advantage of anyone. She wasn’t old enough to claim trips or the house. And her mother told her she was sick. Her mom also lied about her age. She told everyone she was much younger than she actually was. A minor cannot claim trips to Disney or a house. Get real. And grow a brain.

    • @politemenace5781 says:

      A woman in my hometown with Munchausen’s by proxy faked all of her three daughters’ illnesses and eventually murdered them to evoke her husband’s pity so that he wouldn’t leave her.

      Munchausen’s by proxy goes A LOT deeper than “faking a child’s illness”. It’s often severe child abuse that in some cases can lead to extremely disturbing crimes, like triple filicide.

  2. @LMakaCobra says:

    Poor girl, I hope she got all the help she needed and can finally live a good life

  3. @louloumagoo2512 says:

    I’m glad she’s free. She should NEVER have been imprisoned; perhaps sent to a mental facility for support, but definitely not imprisoned. Her mother, literally, tortured her her entire life for self gain. I hope she gets lots of support now and has a wonderful life.

    • @DamagedBrain2442 says:

      This is the way forward. Even tho she is accessory to murder

    • @yadinavarro9810 says:

      But what doesn’t look good is what they did after killing her or during, but I don’t blame her for wanting to be free and be angry.

    • @nikibronson133 says:


    • @Fate862 says:

      Yet her boyfriend that saved her from that life by listening to her and killed the mother got life in prison. Yet the girl gets 10 years and got a husband but that boyfriend is set to remain in jail alone for life…She should have gotten no prison but mental help and the boyfriend at the time should have gotten those 10 years instead, that would have been fair.

    • @LovedLamb says:

      @@yadinavarro9810 well yh anyone can get crazy with that environment

  4. @akarsham5682 says:

    the fact that prison was better then living with her mother is so sad honestly her story has traumatised me in a way so happy shes free now

  5. @kaylaskreations4973 says:

    I love how shes finally free, she deserves it after all she’s been through and what her mother put her through, she deserves to live her life

    • @aegisreflector1239 says:

      She got someone murdered and someone life in prison….

    • @OnlyNai says:

      @@aegisreflector1239she murdered her mother because he mother abused her and if she tried to get help her mother could convince people that she was crazy it’s not that damn easy for a victim to leave the abuser

    • @Anna_587 says:

      @@aegisreflector1239her mother had everything coming to her I feel no remorse for her mother 🤷🏾‍♀️ although the boyfriend should be released

    • @aegisreflector1239 says:

      @@Anna_587 Should get released?? He planned and committed a murder. You guys here have some real introspection work to do.

    • @franklee3795 says:

      @@aegisreflector1239as someone who lost their mother 3 years ago, i will say no matter what you go through with your mother soon you will miss and remember your mother its so hard living the rest of your life without her no matter how rought it was between you two, I dont think it was necessary to have her mother murdered she could of handled it a different way, I agree with your comment

  6. @fernandasoares7645 says:

    I know that this was a very controversial case but I’m so happy that she’s FREE! She didn’t deserve to go what she’s been through! But unfortunately killing her mother was the only way to escape. I truly hope that she lives a long and peaceful life.

  7. @StamperWendy says:

    She had about 26 horribly painful surgeries, just so her mother could get attention. She was forced into a wheelchair when she could walk, etc etc. I don’t condone murder but she’s free now.

    • @julisakyani6306 says:

      Completely understandable. It’s a bit of a strange situation, no one really wants to root for someone we know killed (or had a hand in the death) of another. Hopefully this case is just the last of its kind.

    • @bidenstillsucks2249 says:

      ​@@julisakyani6306actually it’s not 7 year old died and had no terminal illness her mom got 16 years in prison.

    • @mollyram2997 says:

      @@julisakyani6306 My mom has MBP. I barely made it out alive & she’s faced ZERO consequences.. neither have the doctors that aided her.

    • @lauragreen15 says:


    • @raymondthomas1574 says:

      Really y’all believe everything she is a liar

  8. @deborahblackvideoediting8697 says:

    That poor woman has been a prisoner her entire life. What her mother subjected her to was horrible and sickening. That poor innocent child, subjected to countless ‘treatments’ and unnecessary surgeries. How could the doctors not tell she didn’t have leukaemia?! No one was watching out for that poor girl. She couldn’t run away, because her mother would always find her and bring her back home. I truly think she’d be dead by now if her mother was alive and still had control over her all these years. I hope she can find some peace and happiness in her life.

  9. @YunjinHwang-be6gl says:

    Im so happy she is free! She didn’t deserve what she went through💔 I hope she lives an amazing rest of her life!❤

  10. @WinstonArmani says:

    I am beyond exited and can’t even express my feelings, I am so happy for her, I hope she lives her life to the fullest! I can’t believe this day has come! She should have never been in prison, I hope her and her amazing husband has a great life❤

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