my dog

my dog

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i love my doggy dog baby dog

DavidToons –
BigChapula –
AbnormalChaos –
and me 🙂

Thank you for watching.

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36 Responses

  1. @Sarah-wq3rc says:

    The way ice cream sandwich draws rea is so cute, she looks like a scoop of chocolate chip ice cream

  2. @angterrastriker6535 says:

    When you showed the realistic picture i was not ready for how accurate you drew her. Heckin adorable

  3. @swoozie says:

    Another good vid man. Been wrestling w/ the idea of getting a Pomsky. This is a sign.

  4. @KaitoKid__ says:

    You didn’t chose her, she chosen you. This is so adorable story to makes my day ❤️

  5. @misskingii says:

    I don’t know how to explain it, but his content is genuinely amazing. It makes me feel…. joyful and I have way too much fun watching it. The voiceovers are quality. The animation is quality. There has not been one video that I have watched of his that I didn’t literally bust a guy laughing at. He deserves so many more subscribers at this point. Also, Rea’s design is so hilarious and cute 🥺

  6. @steviegroovie says:

    You’re both really cool for doing the research and thinking about the best dog to fit your life, and for adopting. Also for going so far to adopt her. That dog got so lucky to have you two, massive respect

  7. @dizzy_jump says:

    the way ice cream sandwich draws dogs is absolutely glorious

  8. @Bunny_Bill says:

    ICS draws dogs beautifully. I’ve never been so moved by a squishmallow.

  9. @KittyPieVibes says:

    This is probably my new favorite ice cream sandwich video. I love how you draw your dog like a fat little sausage, and the story is so funny and wholesome too

  10. @Riley-Needs-You says:

    *_This man is literally the only YouTuber who can make his sponsor enjoyable to watch_*

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