The 10 best dressed from the Met Gala 2022 | Bazaar UK

The 10 best dressed from the Met Gala 2022 | Bazaar UK

The Met Gala 2022’s invitations suggested the stars embraced “white tie” and “gilded glamour” which lead to some incredible fashion moments. From Kim Kardashian slipping into Marilyn Monroe’s most famous dress, Blake Lively being unwrapped to reveal her second dress on the Met steps, to several stars nodding to the past with sequins, tulle and corsets and dramatic headpieces, this year’s red carpet was one to remember.

We round up our 10 favourite looks from the 2022 Met Gala above.


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42 Responses

  1. KTN says:

    Blake Lively is the best dressed. On theme and stunning

    • Zoey Johnson says:

      @N S it is she’s doing the Statue of Liberty Blake was on theme…..statue of Liberty was gifted to America during the Gilded Age & was originally copper color b4 turning into the green we know now. Therefore she executed perfectly

    • Umi Rahmiati says:

      Blake Lively omggg

    • stan balo says:

      Violet Chachki’s Tartan Eleganza easily tops that Versace 2 in 1 gown. I love Versace but that is pointless. I mean if you will go that route you need to top the one Hussein Chalayan did with those transformer dresses that does not require an entourage to unravel

    • Deeply Donna says:

      The theme was “Gilded Glamour”

  2. Jessica Evans says:

    Blake is literally the QUEEN of Met!!! She always comes through every year and just kills it!!! ❤️✨

  3. Justme says:

    Blake NEVER disappoints

    • Adelise says:

      *THE* *SEXY* *GIRLS* Samidi.Monster

      mejores 😘
      siempre en mi corazón
      mañas no se la.💟
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos

  4. αяму ωιтн lυν says:

    Blake Lively is the Queen of this year’s met gala. The way people gasped when she revealed that gown was just—😫

  5. Angel Angel says:

    blake was the only one who understood the assignment and the way ryan gasped when he saw her is EVERYTHING!

    • Jane O'Leary says:

      @Christie Lynn it sucked, plain and simple. Huge failure

    • Jane O'Leary says:

      @Medya Mnv Gilded Age sweetheart. None came close. They dressed for a PROM

    • Maddie says:

      billie was on theme though-

    • JimBob242 says:

      @Gulang Nanta yeah I liked billies but not gonna top 2021

    • Medya Mnv says:

      @Jane O’Leary It’s not a costume party lmao, they are supposed to take the theme and make it modern and relevant. It’s a challenge for the designers to take something old and make it their own. Otherwise, everyone would be in cosplay every year.

  6. kashvi says:

    blake lively 100% rocked the hardest. she looked gorgeous and completely fit the vibe. also cardi _served._

  7. Santi Papa says:

    Jessica Chastain was very on theme, near the Gilded era on America there was a rise on the interest for the paranormal, like, a lot, there were a lot of famous mages and psychics that came out of that time, so watching her wearing what she wore makes me happy, since she didn’t threw some gold dres and came out, she did research on the Era this was supposed to be.

    • Jaimi Cottrill says:

      Interesting point!

    • Santi Papa says:

      @Enhle Dube I’m not always on part with them, but sometimes they touch some unespected things or parts that i love

    • Santi Papa says:

      @Michael Bee No problem! In a time perioda where everyone was obsceced with death and for a good reason it was common to try seek in the depths of the otherworldly, people tried to contact dead relatives a lot so mediums were very VERY popular, the dress is fantastic and the turbant ,although Idk how accurate it is, is a nice touch to make it obvious

    • Enhle Dube says:

      Leave it to gucci

    • Michael Bee says:

      YOU KNOW WHAT? I actually LOVED HER GOWN❤❤❤❤, and every time I saw her, I was like, “HER GOWN IS DOPE”, and she DEFINITELY REMINDED ME of someone from that Era. I just couldn’t figure it out until I read YOUR comment lol. You cracked the case for me, thank you. 😂😊

  8. Myname Myname says:

    Yes Blake Lively had the most charisma! she was the stunning Queen!! 👌👍

  9. Hrshita Bhat says:

    Billie and Blake actually understood the assignment
    Their dresses were so on theme and they slayed!

  10. Prixie Jyn Vallenas says:

    Blake Lively’s Dress the Best! 😍😉

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