Happy New Year Live! 🎆 London Fireworks 2024 🔴 BBC

Happy New Year Live! 🎆 London Fireworks 2024 🔴 BBC

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Live coverage of London’s spectacular fireworks display on the River Thames as Big Ben strikes midnight and crowds gather to welcome in the New Year.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks | 2024 | BBC

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29 Responses

  1. @susanelias748 says:

    for me you can’t beat listening to the chimes of Big ben and the London for fireworks, happy new year 2024

    • @RepentandbelieveinJesusChrist. says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ ”In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.“
      ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭1‬:‭1‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  2. @jennytran2202 says:

    I am in FL, US and I am always amazed by London NYE firework shows. I Hope I could be there one day to celebrate my NYE

  3. @breebrat56 says:

    Living in the USA 🇺🇸….. and a ball drop pales compared to London and Sydney’s New Year celebrations.
    Go London 🇬🇧 & Sydney 🇦🇺! ❤

    • @xoxoxoxoxo7997 says:

      Totally agree. Times Square is over rated

    • @Shzn-pw7qw says:

      * Deji’s story arc of hating tasks because they’re boring, to reluctantly doing them since they’re on the way to cams and becoming more excited to finish his tesks, only to be killed before he can complete his final one is such a tragic yet beautiful journey *

    • @Therobloxlegends_bent says:

      Def agree it was 1 min behind for where I am in the USA and just to see the ball drop they should do something different next time bc it just ball drop they need to do something like this

    • @dawnm1292 says:

      NYC was a disappointment this year

  4. @nelsonmachado3424 says:

    Um espetáculo de luzes em Londres! Happy New Year London! From Brazil 🇧🇷🎉

  5. @ExtremeKnexRides says:

    Its amazing how well choreographed these fireworks are that must be hard enough, London knows how to welcome the New Year in style!

  6. @lornabolger4186 says:

    We were on a boat on the the river last year and it was AMAZING to be right there on the Thames.
    Happy and a healthy new year to everyone!!

  7. @DontFeedTrevor24 says:

    The fireworks has been amazing and especially the drones, they’ve been incredible, don’t even know how they even do it 🤩

    • @colindavid2078 says:

      WHAT AGREAT DISPLAY!!!! BUT ALSO, what a complete and utter F**k up by the ticketing service for the event! I had family who waited for hours online to buy tickets to see the fireworks, who travelled to London from Northern Ireland, paid for hotels, etc, then queued for 4 hours, to be told that the “BRIDGE THEY WERE BOOKED ON AND PAID FOR WAS FULL”!!!!! How the F**k does that happen? DISGRACEFUL! The child was crying her eyes out on the phone, didn’t see one firework at all, and this was her Christmas present from Santa! POOR SHOW FROM whoever running this! 😡😡🤬🤬😡😡🤬🤬👿👿

    • @DJRockford83 says:

      A few clicks of a mouse on a computer

    • @nathaliecollier says:

      The drones were amazing.

    • @user-jz5ye1iu3k says:

      OMG after being a publicity officer for the last few years which involved helping organise events I can believe it, ie folk who decide to go on holiday a day or two before the organised event, or just decide not to show up! The couldn’t care less attitude of many folk these days and not necessary of the young generation either (think it is called having no conscience)! Perhaps this did not happen in this case but I would push hard for compensation-start at the top of the tree though not the bottom!! Good luck. A big sorry for little one who missed out, add her to your want for compensation! @@colindavid2078

    • @denonsasmitha2137 says:

      Its called programming

  8. @user-kl5rk6et1y says:

    I live in Morgantown WV, USA and every New Year I watch UK New Year celebration before ours goes down 4-5 hours later! Its been a tradition in my personal home since 2019 Thank you London, Big Ben, and all people of the UK for bringing another bright and shining New Year into my home and heart. May everyone have an amazing year! 😊

  9. @ShawnFX says:

    To say London went insane with the new years show would be a massive understatement!

  10. @moni5449 says:

    Krasa Londyne🎉Šťastný Nový Rok❤

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