He Made His Son A Wooden Rolls-Royce Car

He Made His Son A Wooden Rolls-Royce Car

This wooden Rolls-Royce car took 68 days to build! His son must love it so much!

Watch full video from ND – Woodworking Art here:


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24 Responses

  1. ·Dino Whale· says:

    That’s amazing, the love towards his song is so strong, I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone else do such a big project for his son.

    It’s even working! 🤯

  2. Young war says:

    I would definitely hire him to build one for my son

  3. Pija Malovrh says:

    Thats a cool car!!

  4. Walker says:

    Yeah, that wasn’t just for his son. He probably really wanted those even more. Very talented guy.

  5. RLegend Official says:

    I would rather drive this then most the other cars out there. This looks beautiful

  6. payton willams says:

    That how you know he loves his son

  7. Ryan Larose says:

    This man is totally going to just build his son a car when he’s old enough to drive

  8. “Laisse Faire” says:

    This guy one time made a video where he tells us how another man took 68 days building a wooden car 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. HDH 773 says:

    This goes very hard, would love to get the real ones too for my kid

  10. Zexidous says:

    Now that’s cool.
    He should make a full sized one. I’ve seen it done before.

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