Warriors & Timberwolves Heated Scuffle, Draymond & Klay Ejected

Warriors & Timberwolves Heated Scuffle, Draymond & Klay Ejected

Warriors and Timberwolves get into it less than 2 minutes into the game after Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels got tangled up. Thompson, McDaniels, and Draymond Green were all ejected. 😳

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52 Responses

  1. Bald Eagle says:

    No way Dray voluntarily plays a game without Steph

  2. TheLostEggroll says:

    I’d kinda get it if he did that to McDaniels but Gobert was just trying to stop it 😂
    Everyone was like 😮

    • mkingadiffernce says:

      Yea but if draymond and klay is friends and you see Hobert grab your friend you not waiting you are helping and you have to remember gobert is 7’2 too!!

    • TappedNDaily says:

      Had his hands on his neck. I could see if Gobert was pulling him by the waist.

    • Bean KoBe says:

      Not Steph tonight … dray just tired of losing😂

    • Rob Hen says:

      That play kind of looked like Gobert hit draymond in the head while rebounding the ball so he knew his target before Klay got into the scuffle 😂 maybe

    • Ciksura says:

      Gobert is 7’2 and was trying to push Klay back which again wasn’t in an aggressive way but obviously when ur 7’2 ur a little bit more intimidating than ur average person regardless of the manner ur trying to intervene urself between 😭 I think Draymond just wanted the biggest guy to be subdued 💀

  3. Breadsmith says:

    The fact that ppl predicted Draymond would do this and did it is WILD!!!! THE FACT THAT HE DID IT IN THE FIRST COUPLE OF MINUTES IS SUPER DOOPER WILD!!!!!

  4. RJK8581 says:

    Calling Klay mild mannered is a bit much. He’s not swinging on people but he’s definitely a shit talker

  5. Aman Malik says:

    Rudy’s face while he was in the headlock 😂😂😂😂

  6. A L says:

    Gobert “I am trying to stop the fight.”
    Draymond “I don’t give a shxt, I want some beef, choke hold, choke hold.”
    Ref “Anger Management control.”

  7. Jimmy Robinson says:

    At this point Draymond has to be a DLC character on MK1. This man tries to fight everyone.

  8. Nae Woodson says:

    Draymond be doing too much, but you always got that one friend that can’t fight and you need to defend 😂😩

    • Dr. Magneto says:

      Draymond holding ppl accountable especially the young guns trying to make a name. BS if you ask me. Dray 110% in the right w/ Klay

    • Edward Gaines says:

      @Dr. Magneto Draymond didn’t try that with LeBron though. Would’ve got his diminutive ass whooped!

    • herbhealsus says:

      Nope. Draymond would have grabbed Klay. Rudy should have grabbed his own man. The second Rudy grabs Klay Dray grabbed Rudy. Green was protecting Klay that’s the type of friend you want. F you mean

    • Love, Beef & Youtube says:

      @herbhealsus Thats a emotional response, its one thing if you see the person punching your friend when hes grabbing him or choking him but when you see they’re trying to break up the altercation it should be different, also altercations dont happen where each person respectively grabs there own guy, things happen to fast for that.

    • None Ya says:

      Klay is to cool 😎 for skool still don’t know y. He was. Ejected o. Duh 🙄. Heeeza dub. Go figure

  9. Sara Sullivan says:

    It’s literally been 1 min into the game 😂 Draymond was ready as usual 😂

  10. Mr. Case says:

    Find someone who stands up for you the way Draymond stands up for literally anyone, for no reason 😂

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