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45 Responses

  1. ManyKudos says:

    wait I thought we were talking about hobbits

  2. Ayoxe says:

    So what have we learned? Internet Historian is actually 80 years old.

  3. DragonRebelRose says:

    The story about Internet Historian having to wear a camo shirt and shorts then getting saluted by two randos had me wheezing to the point I couldn’t breathe.

  4. Mavolent says:

    i love how this started as a hobby talk and descended into absolute torturing ways to kill a human being, with it either being funny or absolute gruesome

  5. Paulius Baranauskas says:

    My conspiracy theory for why Internet Historian slowed down in making videos is that he finally alienated all the sponsors

  6. ALu Khan says:

    Congrats to internet historian on his marriage. Hope you guys be happy.

    • MGN 20XX says:

      Crazy how similar they look

    • Professor Hazard says:

      @MGN 20XX small gene pool over there in the Oceanic server realms

    • Ratel.H Badger says:

      ​@Professor Hazard New Zealands population is exclusively 5 dudes, one lady named Janet and a dozen sheep all named Neville. I can’t speak for Australia, but I’d imagine they are the same, maybe they have a Susan, some Greek guy named Terry and an Aboriginal who’s name is so long winded none of the white guys can pronounce it, so they just call him Steve.

    • JuMiKu says:

      ​@MGN 20XX What do you even mean? Herstorian looks completely different! The only way for her to look any more different, why, she’d have to wear a bow and get lashes.

  7. Arachn3rd says:

    Press ‘F’ to pay respect to the 2 dollars Internet Historian tragically lost to the sandy depths.

  8. Hilo Takenaka says:

    As a Tasmanian, I’m happy that my state was brought up in a context that didn’t involve Warner Brothers and/or incest
    Thank you Internet historian

    • The Immortal Kingdom says:

      As a fellow Tasmania it’s hilarious seeing Danny Gibson in this video considering the current scandal

    • Icy Crusader says:

      I get the first one but what’s this about incest?

    • Galactic -Hamster says:

      ​@Icy Crusadertasmania basically sounds like aussie Appalachia where its so closed off that you end up accidentally dating your cousin

    • Hilo Takenaka says:

      @The Immortal Kingdom as someone from the southern part of the state I have no clue what that is about. Do go on

      It’s also really funny that he called Launceston a small town when it’s the second largest in the state

      EDIT: Ok so what happened was that he works as a musical/stage director and his status to work with children was revoked. Reason why is unknown but it likely involved having underaged actors in an adult-oriented production.

  9. Cade Ridley says:

    The guillotine lever idea is like a bouquet at a wedding, who ever in the crowd gets hit by the head is guillotined next

  10. mejor no says:

    “We spent three hours setting the game and two hours arguing about the rules”
    Ah yes, the standard session.

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