How I Destroyed This Server for $1000

How I Destroyed This Server for $1000

Felt quirky decided to acquire some bread today. on this minecraft smp server hee hee

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33 Responses

  1. Danny Da Pro says:

    Ashswag is that one guy who takes over the world and talks about it casually

  2. SilentNinjaFrog says:

    Ashswag is not a villain, he’s simply a businessman with “unique methods”

  3. Mariovids says:

    What an Ashswag move to prioritize $1000 over an entire YouTube channel, not only was Ash able to get the money but he kept his channel, absolute W moment

  4. EndmostNIne1 says:

    Ashwag in 2050: I destroyed the world to win the earth

  5. Fluffydanger27 says:

    Ash is that one kid who makes up his own rules to win.

  6. Bobyhobby0302 says:

    It’s always a good day when Ashwagg uploads

  7. Chedsaid says:

    ashwag at the start: Near death experiences and hard work
    Also ashwag: Stares at an obsidian platform for 5 minutes straight

  8. Sleeper says:

    See how kind ashwag is, he is definitely gonna use that money for betterment of those people who joined the server 🙂

  9. peashock says:

    We love when ashswag causes destruction

  10. Froggo says:

    Ashswagg may have the most random uploads but they’re all interesting and extremely funny

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