How Many Mirrors Stops a Slingshot?

How Many Mirrors Stops a Slingshot?

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25 Responses

  1. How Ridiculous says:

    Get 20% off your first monthly box when you sign up at and use promo code REXY20 at checkout!

    • Metern says:

      You guys need a slingshot from Joerg Sprave at the slingshot channel.

    • HowIing WoIf says:

      I’m disappointed I thought the code should be rexy44

    • Sid Wahi says:

      @schmonyon literally every youtuber promote companies from their country. So you’d think the one time 3 Aussie blokes are doing it we might get something out of it. Guess we were wrong lol

    • schmonyon says:

      @Sid Wahi how bloody annoying hey, I was keen on this subscription service went through the sign up process only to find out they do t ship internationally. Unless of course you’re a sell out promoting it

    • Sid Wahi says:

      @schmonyon legit. Sell outs just doing it for the cash, they obviously get it sent from the company and don’t actually have any subscriptions

  2. That'll Work says:

    Great to see you back at it! Every video you do is so much fun 😆

  3. The Dave Cave says:

    My son is officially hooked on you guys. “Dad, I love How Ridiculous. Don’t you??”

  4. Spencer McCoy says:

    An idea for another “How Many” challenge: double-paned windows with color powder between the two panes. That would make for some really good slowies

  5. AlohaJo says:

    Also with the slingshot: lead is a pretty soft metal, and could have absorbed a decent amount of the impact.

  6. Keith Waggoner says:

    Wow!!! The slowey of the sledgehammer hitting and the handle wobbling was awesome! Who knew that mirrors were that strong!

  7. Trevor Wandler says:

    I feel like I am going to get bad luck just for watching this lol. Right from childhood I was raised to belive that its 7 years of bad luck for each mirror that you break. That’s silly, I know. Keep up the great content!

  8. wilson rawlin says:

    This was a great one! The “slowies” were super cool! This would be too much fun to do all the time. I know there’s a lot of work in this, but you guys are so blessed.

  9. danielle cotcamp says:

    I’m so excited that you guys are back!!! I think the next thing you should do for the how many series is cardboard!😊😄

  10. xgozulx says:

    12:30 the way the image of the ball fills the ball before colliding is so satisfying

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