How Many Propane Balloons Stops A Flaming Arrow?

How Many Propane Balloons Stops A Flaming Arrow?

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32 Responses

  1. Benjamin Frost says:

    Editor Jack is an incredible asset to this channel!

  2. Ben Tomsky says:

    I REALLY hope yall kept that rainbow arrow in all those spray cans for the museum! That would look awesome sitting on a shelf somewhere 😃 amazing vid as always guys!! Keep it up! 🥰

  3. TheRenaissanceDude says:

    They should do the flaming balloon thing again, only they should fill each balloon with different metal dusts. That way the flames might be different colors when they burn each material.

    • Tracy M says:

      @David Barr ksskdz29

    • David Barr says:

      You’d probably need to put a pile top of the balloon so it falls into the flame, otherwise it’ll just fall into the cup when popped. Also depending on the metals used you might need a different extinguisher

      Magnesium for example actually gets more dangerous if the wrong extinguisher is used. You’d be better throwing sand on it, not trying to be a party pooper but as a wise man once said, safety is number one priority

    • First name Surname says:

      Bump for visibility

    • Julia Milford says:

      oh yes, great suggestion, hope they read your comment

  4. Roars says:

    Those fire slowmo shots were incredible! Well done Jack and the video team.

  5. Jimbo says:

    Always appreciate how little time is wasted with these videos, straight into the action and it just don’t stop!

  6. Aussie Armstrong says:

    Good to see Jai out there. He’s come a long way and is doing absolutely awesome at all Archery comps.

  7. Resurgam B7 says:

    Those multi-balloon fire shots were spectacular! It was fascinating how the sparklers stopped sparking as they passed through the clouds of propane, then only lit back up once they were in air again. Science! I love it 😀

  8. Science_is_Never_Settled says:

    I really appreciate how your punishments are hilarious and NOT gross! Clever boys!

  9. CurlysBeats says:

    Jacks hand movements after getting called out was gold 😂

  10. Spaz says:

    Awesome video! Respect always to the boys and a big shoutout to editor Jack, the editing on this was amazing 🔥🏹 not to mention that drone piloting!!

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