How the Hamas Attack on Israel Unfolded | WSJ

How the Hamas Attack on Israel Unfolded | WSJ

Hamas militants breached Israeli checkpoint locations along the border with Gaza, neutralizing Israeli forces, and allowing Hamas to spread into nearby towns. Photo illustration: Annie Zhao

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38 Responses

  1. Kevin G says:

    THIS is what you call journalism.
    No dramatic nuisance. No opinions are made by so-called “reporters”.
    Just facts.

  2. samwiseshanti says:

    Yeah agree with the other comments, this report was badly needed. We all know the situation is very, very complicated, but it is possible to just explain a handful of events without giving a million caveats or decades of backstory. I appreciate a report that treats people as grown ups and can give you facts and visual explanations.

    • Young says:

      I believe her intended message was that the video lacked informativeness, which is why it was challenging to comprehend the underlying reasons for the initial occurrence of the attack@Jordan Blitz

  3. blackathenian says:

    Straight to the point, WSJ please let her cover this entire story. This is top tier reporting

  4. CheeseSandwich says:

    Now look at you WSJ! You still got it in you. This is the kind of news I want. Not opinion pages, just judgement free reporting of events. It will never be perfect, because it can’t be.

  5. Acid says:

    That’s some top notch reporting. Wow. No bullishit No bias No drama. Just straight facts. Brief yet descriptive reporting of the unfolded events. Good job.

  6. Nick S says:

    This is so heartbreaking. I’m 43 years old and this has been going on all my life. It never ends.

  7. Diced Pineapple says:

    Wow i really appreciate this style of reporting, totally devoid of their own opinions of the conflict and just reporting straight cold hard facts.Please more of this. Can you perhaps do a video on how israeli intelligence failed to notice this attack?

  8. PerC says:

    Feel bad to the civilians getting beaten and taken hostage at 2:25, may it be on either sides. Being put in that position is both terrifying and sad. I hope this de-escalates

    • Piano Black says:

      I wonder if you ever commented the countless times Isreal attacked Palestine and it was the Palestinians under violence…

      When it’s only the Palestinians suffering, most people who are no where to be found…

    • Mohammad Zamin says:

      It must be absolutely terrifying for them. To be dragged from their homes, put in a car to an area where no one can possibly find them.
      To get them back Israel will need to bring their full force in and that too might not work. If Israel is smart they will negotiate for the release of their nationals.

      But Hey..I suppose that’s what happens when you live on stolen land.

  9. Martin Gibson says:

    Waging war and offensives (especially thousands of rockets) are extremely expensive. I would be interested to know what types of rockets were used, where did the money come from to buy the rockets, and who sold Palestine and Hamas the rockets? I’m also interested in knowing how Hamas have been able to line up “thousands” of rockets in the Gaza Strip pointing at Israel, without any of Israeli Intelligence Agencies not noticing?

    • Balaram says:

      They say they fired 5000 missiles and the casualty count is 70 so far. The math doesn’t make sense either.

    • Iron Mind says:

      @Balaram It’s far above 70 already and deaths aren’t accurately accounted for immediately, we’ll probably know the real number by the end of the week

    • FrostedMike says:

      Update: In the first 4 hours reported 200 killed on the Israeli side, mostly civilians. Now Israeli media reports around 600 identified killed Israelis and predicted to be more than double, about 100 kidnapped and their conditions are unknown. On Hamas side it is estimated to be about the same or more, and most of them where killed on Israeli soil and not in Gaza. How many are civilians wasn’t given on either side, but it is documented from both sides that civilians from Gaza rush through the breached fence into Israeli territory and therefor can be considered invaders.

    • Panzermeister36 says:

      Iran gives them money and weapons.

  10. Christy Cullen says:

    We need more of this journalism. Straight to the facts.

    • Alin says:

      Im glad they didn’t blame America on this 🇺🇸

    • NOBODY NOWHERE says:

      Sure, we need more Palestinian taking videos with their iPhones documenting their suicide mission.

    • snatchededges says:

      @Alinif u support Justice and equality then everybody needs to support Palestinians. This is the first time they have retaliated in such a degree after being completely oppressed for many many years

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