VIDEO: Confirmed tornado passes over I-35 in Round Rock, Texas

VIDEO: Confirmed tornado passes over I-35 in Round Rock, Texas

VIDEO: Confirmed tornado passes over I-35 in Round Rock, Texas

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28 Responses

  1. MoltenCreeper is Gone says:

    My friends were working in that Target right as it hit. It was right on top of it and they lost about half the carts in the lot but luckily it seems everyone is okay.

  2. Ivan Maina says:

    I’ve never seen a tornado this close to me, I live 5 minutes away from there,my god. I hope everyone is ok, and staying safe.

  3. Chris Armijo says:

    I’m at work in the same parking lot as the light pole, crazy to witness this.

  4. Omar Mickelson says:

    I moved away from Pflugerville about 2 years ago. I used to shop at the Michaels right there at the freeway intersection, and I drove on this frontage road several times a week to get to Round Rock. I still have a lot of friends and family in the Greater Austin area, but I hope everyone is kept safe.

  5. Harmaa says:

    I literally got the warning when I was driving through Buda TX and there was really no where to go. This is my first time seeing a tornado.

  6. Unanimous Arts says:

    We’ve never seen anything like this as long as we lived in that area. Hoping everyone is safe.

    • Jesse ATX says:

      @74 Nova haha wow. I do remember ppl scooping up videos from the parking lot. Im not sure if we did, I was like 8 years old, but probably. We lived so close too. I still remember watching the funnel clouds form over our house

    • Chris Payne says:

      @Brandon Dunkum yep, that one

    • Unanimous Arts says:

      @NotMe Typical Texas weather? Okay sure. If you’re talking State, that is true. To be alarmed and prepared, you should. Otherwise, don’t come crying when it ends up in your backyard, ripping the roof off of your house. You wouldn’t stick around for that, or would you?

    • NotMe says:

      This is typical Texas weather. Nothing all that new. Stop being an alarmist.

    • Becca Monken says:

      @Paul Spomer um, that would be a nope.

  7. sf mp says:

    I was at home,but just down the road from this….winds were extremely strong and it knocked some stuff over,but we are ok.

  8. Zidoco says:

    I work at the discount tire in that area. We literally saw the thing pass by like 100 ft in front of us.

  9. AK95 says:

    I work in the parking lot and was in the bathroom. The lights were flickering so I finished quickly then when I went out to the lobby I saw the tornado. God my heart dropped and I immediately called my wife. Such fear and the noise was so loud.

  10. MLMLW says:

    My daughter saw this tornado 🌪. She was eating dinner at a restaurant in Round Rock. They were sitting in a booth right next to the window. When she looked up from her plate she saw plastic, foam & insulation flying around in the air & hitting the window. It was very windy & raining heavily then she spotted the tornado. She calmly got up from the table & took her kid’s hands & led them to the back of the restaurant away from the windows. About the same time other patrons were realizing what was going on & doing the same, then the lights flickered then went out. It passed across the street from the restaurant going towards Kalahari where it hit their parking lot. It would sort of dissipate then come back & touch the ground again. I saw the funnel from my house. My daughter said there was nothing but the sound of heavy rains & wind. They had no warning.

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