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If you were trapped on an island and forced to play in brutal children’s games, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Netflix’s Squid Game explained and review of how to beat.

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41 Responses

  1. Cinema Summary says:

    Check out Current here:
    Download the app and use current code HOWTOBEAT and in the next couple of weeks we will be sending 10 random people $500!

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    So basically, the best way to beat this death game, is to just never gamble in the first place. Easy enough.

  3. BlazeNBA2K says:

    I’ve never watched a TV show that left me crying and shocked throughout this whole Rollercoaster of a ride like Squid games has. Highly recommend to everyone. It’s a must see. Can’t wait for Season 2

    • Streetgamer 345 says:

      @Owen Bunny probably. I haven’t gotten into crippling debt so I can’t exactly relate to their feeling of needing to play the game but the characters in Alice are way more relatable to the common person since majority of people have doubts about their own self worth at least once in their lige

    • Owen Bunny says:

      @Streetgamer 345 I think characters in Alice are those who are in the middle age or quarter age crisis who feel trapped in their life

    • Streetgamer 345 says:

      @Owen Bunny ye kinda. A lot of them are around 18-30 so right when you’d leave the house and become independent usually yet they have doubts about their self worth that makes it harder just to move on with their lives and so of course the story is about that and basically using the Borderlands and the games as a way to help

  4. durptwat says:

    While everyone’s sad over Ali and Il-nam’s deaths during the marble game, the one death that hit me the most was Sae-byeok’s first friend, Ji-yeong. They had such a nice bond over the course of thirty minutes, and seeing Sae-byeok cry over someone when she’s usually cold and untrusting was just really sad. It gives off a vibe where it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone, but as long as they’re open to you, you can trust them, and that literally contrasts almost everyone’s relationships in the game. And seeing Sae-byeok losing the one she’s starting to trust really broke me tbh. Their friendship could’ve been really nice.

  5. Kirinmon says:

    In the glass bridge, there’s basically no rules. The panels areclose enough to test with your foot. If everyone worked together, they could hold onto their hand so they can put more weight on a panel without dying, to see its breaking point. The game is completely nonlethal as long as you can team up for 10min

    • Chris Rudolf says:

      Wouldn’t work, because the weight of two people can break the tempered glass (as was warned before and shown in one scene where that woman jumped onto the glass of that hesitant guy). I’m surprised though that nobody tried to balance on the rails. The risk to be killed for the potential rule violation was still smaller than to be killed by playing if you are among the poor guys who have to go first with almost no chance to make it on sheer luck.

    • Spriing says:

      @Dorkasz Ogiehor do you think they would’ve been shot tho if they walked on the beams

    • draglmb says:

      just walk on the metal rods they are attached to lol

    • crypto66 says:

      @Chris Rudolf Actually no, the tempered glass is specifically stated to be STRONG ENOUGH to carry two people- unless the subs are wrong. You actually even have two grown men struggle on the same tile at one point.

  6. Vara says:

    Ali and Sae-Byeok’s death was one of the heartbreaking moment I really sympathized for. Both of them were poor because a victim of fraud in foreign country… while the others came to the game mostly after being in debt caused by gambling.

    • Aurora Nicole says:

      @草Rain the only reason Gi-hun re-entered the game was to save his mother and then he finds that it was all for nothing. So heartbreaking

    • RayKay Productions says:

      Agreed, Ali didn’t deserve death. I mean, I get backstabbing people to win is what to do, and if I were in the position, I would have done it. But it was heartbreaking from a viewers perspective.

    • ë ë ë ë ë ë says:

      R. I. P Ali, you will be missed

  7. Spaghettea says:

    I remember BAWLING my eyes out with the old man though I had a feeling he had something to do w it behind the scenes. He never said he was in debt- he just said ge wanted to join and even rejoined cause he was dying anyway and the game isn’t made like that. Plus, he was waay too excited to be skipping on Red Light Green Light. Gotta love the series’ manipulation though

  8. llgla says:

    The glass panels exploded at the end. This means the rails are rigged with explosives. It’s safer to ask ‘can I use any part of the bridge to cross?’. The guards are pretty accommodating as long you can convince them that your request is fair.

    • Super Dave says:

      Turn the bridge to a game of jungle gym. Interesting approach. But most people wouldn’t be able to hold their weight up for the length of time it takes to cross. But I would also question whether that wouldn’t be considering “breaking the rules”. But at the same time exploding all of the glass panels at the end is also “breaking the rules” as any surviving player could potentially be killed by flying glass debris.

  9. Chris de leon says:

    Gi-Hun is the most annoying incompetent player in a game you’ll meet in the game but also the most honest, kind-hearted man you’ll love to be with.

    • Lisa Leone says:

      I disagree. He is really selfish. He gambled with the money his mother gave him for his daughter’s birthday and stole from her. Not passively, like she left her wallet lying open and he couldn’t help himself. He actively took her hidden ATM card and tried several times to guess the passcode to steal from her. His own mother. His attitude toward her was one of entitlement. I decided from the start that I didn’t like him, and he made poor decisions the entire time. He also screwed over the old man. Face it, he survived out of sheer luck. The only time he showed any critical thinking was with the honeycomb.

    • Loveq says:

      @Lisa Leone after all of that he changed a lot

    • oh sehun says:

      not really, like most of the other players, he will resort to bad means if it means keeping his life. like when he took advantage of that old mans dementia to cheat his marbles

  10. La Vonne Peduca says:

    I think Ali’s death was sadder than Sae-Byeok, because at least Sae-Byeok’s brother is in good hands with Sangwoo’s mother while Ali’s family is left to wonder what happened to him and didn’t get anything to compensate their loss. The consequence of his death was sadder, but both of their deaths had me crying

    • DirtyPrancing says:

      I was shocked the main guy didn’t do more to help them.

    • S M says:

      We literally watched sae byeok die in a slow and painful death. On top of that, Gi hun’s reaction made it even harder. The scene was perfectly executed, enough to make the audience feel their pain. Her death got to me the most, couldn’t stop crying. As tough as it was, at least Ali’s death was quick, one shot to the head and it was blurred in the background

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