Howard Remembers Stern Show Regular Norm Macdonald

Howard Remembers Stern Show Regular Norm Macdonald

Howard Stern remembers Norm Macdonald and shares stories from the comedian’s many Stern Show appearances.

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29 Responses

  1. Chauncey Blubber-Schitts says:

    One of a kind. Will never be another like Norm.

  2. sean flanagan says:

    the greatest thing about Norm is that he wasnt afraid of saying something so completely unfunny, that it was hilarious, even if only 2 or 3 people actually got it

  3. Enrique Benitez says:

    His OJ jokes on Weekend Update were merciless, brutal & downright fucking hilarilous…

  4. Mama Lama says:

    Rest easy Norm. We loved you, always will. His legend’s just gonna grow.

  5. Ravi Kumar Jha says:

    Everybody who understands comedy knows what a gem he was and what a loss this is.

  6. Brad T says:

    _”It’s the greatest gig in the world, being alive. You get to eat at Denny’s, wear a hat, whatever you wanna do.”_

    — Norm Macdonald

  7. Joshua Lloyd says:

    I appreciate the time they gave to honor him. Norm was a genius.

  8. Jeff Abbott says:

    “He’s Norm.” is the perfect way to describe him. RIP to the legend.

  9. Mike Cat says:

    I just didn’t want to believe it. He was brilliant and be missed by many.

  10. dimitreze says:

    I watch a bunch clips of him these days
    the best is the MTV hosting gig
    he was murdering

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