Minecraft – Thanks For Watching [823]

Minecraft – Thanks For Watching [823]

Welcome to my Let’s Play of Minecraft in my Lovely World. In this episode, I take Barnaby for a walk…

Thank you to everyone who has watched me over the years. It has been a truly special chapter of my life. I look back on this time fondly, as I know so many of you do too. Good luck with wherever the rest of your life takes you. 🧡

The texture pack I’m using – Kellys RTX base pack

Twitter – @stampylongnose

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/stampycatyt

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20 Responses

  1. Divilant says:

    This is literal history in the Minecraft Community

  2. Shreedhar says:

    So this is it. The finale. After all these years Stampy’s Lovely World has finally come to an ending. It feels unreal. It is an honour to have been part of this wonderful journey. I’ve seen this world being built and transformed to what it is today and to finally see this series end makes me really nostalgic. I won’t forget all the memories and fun. This was a major part of my childhood. Stampy, thank you for giving this to us. We can finally say goodbye to this series that we all love and move on to even greater things. I am forever greatful to Stamp’s Lovely World. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! 🥹🫡🙏

  3. TheAdvertisement says:

    It’s crazy to think that’s it’s finally over. Every minigame, every dog, every fight with Hitthetarget, every entry to the Love Garden… it’s over. But it’s OK. Really it was long overdue. Finally, Stampy can rest, and so can his world. His lovely, Lovely World. Goodnight world.

  4. The Cronq says:

    This is a perfect send-off for the youtuber that got me into minecraft with you the “Quest to kill the ender dragon” and when I noved away from the only house I had ever known, he made me feel a little closer back home. Thanks Stampy, for all the memories. ❤️

  5. Netherking86 says:

    1 man change millions of childhoods.
    1 Minecraft world change A whole generation.
    Thank you stampy for Creating our childhoods <3 May your series be remembered

  6. Nevada Man says:

    Goodbye Stampy, thank you for raising an entire generation 🫡

  7. stampylonghead says:

    Thank you for all of your lovely comments. I have been reading as many as I can. This really means a lot to me. I appreciate all of the support and goodwill over the years. Good luck with whatever comes next in your lives.

  8. ComedySquash says:

    When I was little, I tried to get into stampy’s love garden. I would watch this series all the time, nonstop. It does bring me tears to see it end. I will miss it very much but, the amount of childhoods you’ve created stampy is insane.

  9. Mikenobi says:

    The series I’ve never completed because of school, and yk i grew up.
    Thank you Stampy for being apart of my childhood, and others too dan , jack ,mark, kubz, pat, and the Stampy crew etc.

  10. Unbidcastle 6799 says:

    This is truly the end of an era. Thank you stampy for shaping so many childhoods and helping all of us grow into the people we are today. This series will be missed but I’m sure we are all very excited to see what you do next.

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