Spring Bulk Day 221 – Back and Full Day of Eating

Spring Bulk Day 221 – Back and Full Day of Eating

Bit more insight into the fuel

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40 Responses

  1. Erick Khan says:

    this man single handedly saved not only the fitness industry but long-form YouTube vids too 🔥🔥

  2. cgbach says:

    These last two video have been BANGERS. Pool diving and a full day of eating?! Man’s going to break the internet

  3. Celil Arslan says:

    I watch him every night before i go to sleep. This routine makes me that i can get up early for go to the gym. Thanks a lot Sam. Good night for European people

  4. Mike C says:

    I really thought Sam would do his best and film a “clean” day of eating to appease the masses but instead he stayed true and doubled down on his bulk diet lol. Mad props, at least he’s staying true to himself and not selling out like the rest of the industry would have done.

    • Daniel Avelar says:

      How is promoting clean eating instead of dirty bulking selling out? I love sam btw, beginner lifter in my own right.

    • C45 says:

      ​@avelardaniel74 because it’s what everyone else does and he could have made it all up for this video but he didn’t and just showed us his real diet which is true to himself

    • Kyler says:

      @C45 Its what everyone else does for a reason bro lmao

    • C45 says:

      @Kyler I’m saying he could of just made some shit up for the video but he didn’t (I’m assuming he didn’t I don’t know lmfao). That’s the appeal around Sam’s style is he doesn’t do what everyone else is doing for the sake of being the same as everyone else.

  5. AnabolicSaagAloo says:

    Lifting is literally all I live for since I got sober. I’m older than you but you’re an inspiration Sam.

  6. 3rdWard says:

    Joined the army about 3 months ago without lifting or doing exercise consistently and watching your videos have really helped me get back into the gym and get myself better

  7. Landen Backman says:

    My whole family doesn’t exercise at all. I started working out a couple months ago and have really struggled with what to do because I have no friends, family, or anyone I know who lifts. You’re like a big brother to me in a way Sam, you talk with me, joke around, and show me how to lift. Thank you Sam, from the bottom bottom of my heart ❤️

  8. DefoNotFredBTW says:

    Back and full day of eating. Sam is blessing our day with this

  9. Jaydaddy says:

    Never stray away from the tripod stationary filming style. Something about it is so amazing. No film crew, no flashy edits or music. Its a win win situation. Its easy af for you to make content/money and viewers surprisingly LOVE IT.

  10. Sir Mrs says:

    I love how Sam is doing his own thing, and it’s all about reaching his goals and sharing advice for his followers. He doesn’t have some weird clout chasing gimmick and he seems like a cool down to earth guy. In todays age it’s very refreshing!

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