I PLAYED MORTAL KOMBAT 1!! – Mortal Kombat 1: Sub-Zero, Kenshi, Kitana & Liu Kang Gameplay

I PLAYED MORTAL KOMBAT 1!! – Mortal Kombat 1: Sub-Zero, Kenshi, Kitana & Liu Kang Gameplay

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Intro animation Directed by Jeremy Mansford https://twitter.com/jeremymansford

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30 Responses

  1. Spider says:

    Just noticed you have over a million subs, as someone who found your channel during the pandemic you helped keep the hype alive, basically single-handedly in mk11 for me. Well deserved and congrats

  2. YonkoDGoofy says:

    The cut from character select to the game is just so beautiful. Liu’s bicycle kick is so amazing, and his fatal blow was freaking crazy. I’m so ready for this game.

    • Reezy says:

      Can you please time stamp Liu Kang’s Bicycle Kick & Fatal Blow? I don’t got time to sit through this long ass video for two things from a single character

    • William Williams says:

      All they did was replace loading screen with a non skippable intro dialogue. Nothing too different. Both are unable to be interacted with.

    • Omar Yadiel Ayala says:

      1) any sign of telefury with kenshi? 2) are the special moves locked in that you know? In other words no variations. 3) that you know of, can Subzero interact with clone?

      Thanks for sharing video and details super!

    • Josiahhh says:

      @William Williams still better than looking at a dull loading screen

  3. SupaSoldier says:

    The combo routes are going to be nuts, especially with kenshi. Doing the combos while controlling the ghost and cameo at the same time is going to be crazy looking and very tough but I’m all for it.

  4. Incredibeard says:

    Not sure if intentional or not but moving the witty banter/dialogue between fighters to the loading screen is genius and makes us learn more about the lore. Since before the players almost always skip the intros.

  5. Ben 64 says:

    I’m actually blown away by the resolution and how gorgeous this game looks. Sharp, vibrant, clean af.

  6. anton brown says:

    I am in awe of the stages, they look even more alive and beautiful than MK 11.

  7. Slipstreamz says:

    There’s something about having no loading screens anymore that’s just so satisfying.

  8. Sensual_Cell says:

    Small change I’ve noticed is the AI opponents seemed toned down from previous games. It’s nice having AI act semi human rather than the ultra-instinct bs in the past

  9. Jerry M says:

    After hearing that intro versus dialogue between Liu Kang and Sub-Zero, that definitely sounds like Bi-Han, and if you remember in the original timeline, Bi-Han was tasked by Quan Chi to infiltrate the temple of the elements and obtain the items which will lead him to Shinnok’s Amulet.

    Liu Kang is guarding the temple of elements this time around judging by his dialogue with Sub-Zero.

    The big question is if Bi-Han wants Shinnok’s amulet for himself, or for Quan Chi, or surprisingly someone else??

    That’s definitely Bi-Han.

    In the story, Scorpion and Sub-Zero seem to be with Liu Kang, so why does he sound like he wants to take what’s Liu Kang’s??

    A lot of theories and I love it.

    The MK announcer sounds just like the original timeline’s Mortal Kombat 1, which was Shang Tsung or Reptile, I think it was Shang Tsung.

    I kinda like that it sounds like the original Mortal Kombat 1 announcer slightly.

    • Super Duper Blurry Mario says:

      Perhaps Liu Kang is keeping a close eye on Bi-Han

    • Jerry M says:

      @Super Duper Blurry Mario He probably has along with Hanzo, Kitana and Mileena too.

    • Shahar Korren says:

      Versus mode banter is usually non-canon. They tend to reference other games and timelines. It’s like Johnny saying “don’t you owe me some sunglasses?” to Goro in MKX. That is a reference to the movie, which would mean Goro already died by falling off a cliff.

    • Avery Rosario says:

      It is bi-han there was some intro where he said bi-han to sub zero

    • Jerry M says:

      @Avery Rosario This is going to be interesting then, I did hear the dialogue where he wants to access the temple of elements, but Liu Kang says he will stop him from trying to access it.
      It’s similar to Bi-Han’s original quest, where he was seeking Shinnok’s amulet.

      I wonder if he still wants that amulet or something else in the temple of elements now.

  10. lionheartXXI says:

    I’m so hyped for this Bi-Han. Can’t wait to see where this new story goes.

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