A Very Dangerous Pattern Is Unfolding…

A Very Dangerous Pattern Is Unfolding…

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In this video we are talking about an upcoming multi-day severe weather extravaganza that will be happening on the heels of our infamous death ridge and omega blocking pattern.

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43 Responses

  1. Mrs. Alma Trumble says:

    Who needs the Weather Channel when you have Ryan and Andy Hill?! They post the best weather videos.

  2. Fanaglethebagle says:

    This guy has replaced me even asking siri the weather 😂 . Thank you Ryan

  3. Ginernskey Datisme says:

    Get this man to two mill, he deserves it

    Edit: 80 likes is crazy

    Edit 2 : 100 likes !

  4. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    The “Death Ridge has been really good for inland PNW. We have been getting lots of T-storms and the rain has been a good thing for delaying the regular summer dry season (good for farmers).

  5. dukeofrodtown1705 says:

    Thank you Ryan from Canada! Wishing strength to my American neighbours, and safety for everyone who will be in the direct path of any of these storms.

  6. Alexander Silva says:

    Honestly thankful Ryan went over this!! Even though I’m in MA I still worry since Ive never had to deal with a hurricane or tornado

  7. D Kat says:

    The weather channel gives you the weather but Ryan explains why were going to have the weather we have and looks way ahead for us.

  8. Wildfire says:

    Thank you, Ryan for the excellent report. Let’s get ready, DFW! Don’t be scared – be prepared , and go get those milk sandwiches!

  9. Preferably No Pepper says:

    Thank you Ryan for all your hard work ❤

  10. Clck C says:

    This is what worries me because I live where he says tornadoes will be possible later next week and I HATE bad weather. But you know what Ryan says: don’t be scared, be prepared

    • Cat Jefferson says:

      I feel for you. Hope you have a strong basement or better yet, a bonafide tornado shelter.

    • Clck C says:

      @Cat Jefferson Thank you but unfortunately we have neither – the only interior part of our house is a small hallway and that’s where we usually go. :/

    • king des says:

      What state are you in because I live in Kentucky and I don’t think it’s gonna be here hopefully

    • Clck C says:

      @king des The most boring state in the country; the Natural State

      *flashbacks to March 31*

    • Mousie Brown says:

      “Prepare for a possibility of tornadoes” also means be ready for no electricity if power lines can be damaged. Store a few days of water & “hurricane party” munchies & treats and stuff to make your favorite Non Refrigerated sandwich. Board games, deck of cards, a book to read …

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