My Thoughts on Bluey

My Thoughts on Bluey

Why are adults (me) watching a preschool show about a family of cartoon dogs? To get a better understanding I watched every Bluey episode and then made a video about it.
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34 Responses

  1. David Toons says:

    As the only Australian on TheOdd1sOut team, I feel it was a legal obligation to work on this video 💖

  2. SΣVN says:

    I love how James took absolutely every chance he could to draw hands with the most sophisticated detail in existence.. but doesn’t even bother giving himself hair

  3. CG5 says:

    “They do look a little angry. Perhaps they’re still in the Old Testament!” This is the best line.

  4. redwrld999 says:

    Never have I seen a show aimed towards kids be so impactful towards adults and teenager alike. Well done video, James! 💙

  5. Bro videogaming says:

    Bluey proves you don’t need to dumb down the audience in order to make a great kids show

  6. Animatron says:

    Can we just appreciate that they literally animated this in PERFECT BLUEY STYLE??

  7. Haminations says:

    Bandit has become a role model for me. Another notable one for me is Uncle Iroh

  8. GiuseppeIlPalpatette says:

    The fact I like this cartoon is that it treats real themes that kids can understand while parents can learn, treats themes so deep like miscarriage, death, so many more that kids can take and actually use in real life, it’s a show with amazing visuals and songs, so much it doesn’t gives you preschool infos, it’s teaching you about life, it gives you space to cry and it accepts it. Truly a well done job.

  9. Cado says:

    As a true Australian, I can truly say that my whole family absolutely ADORE Bluey. Every Sunday, a new episode comes out. We always get together and watch it together. I can say that a few episodes made me break down. Such as Sleepytime, Baby Race, Army, and Flat Pack. This show is absolutely wonderful. I could write a full essay on how good it is. But that is already done for me. Take the advice from both of us and watch it with your family. It will be worth it.

  10. Arcane Panda Gaming says:

    Also the fact the show has parents that actually love their kids, is why it’s a good show. I fell like most parents today never even wanted kids.

    • Savagewolver9593 says:

      It’s not that they don’t want kids, in my opinion. They just don’t want to RAISE them, reaping the benefits and dealing with the consequences.

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