New $20 Million Dollar Barstool Content Factory Unveiled

New $20 Million Dollar Barstool Content Factory Unveiled

VIVA TV: Episode 0. Big Cat welcomes the world to Barstool Sports’ new 20 million dollar content factory in Chicago.

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17 Responses

  1. iodedonpepto says:

    Dan is a guy you root for. Level headed, salt of the earth who busted his ass and made it in life

  2. nick j says:

    crazy to see old videos of Dan starting with barstool and his old content in chicago… now he’s running a mega barstool complex in his city

  3. Tee Ohbee says:

    This is where the magic happens

  4. mitchellDc1122 says:

    Can’t wait for Big Cat to show us where the magic happens.

  5. chilledpenguins says:

    Very, very excited to see this. Genuinely think, with Dan running the ship, that magic is really gonna happen.

  6. Stin Keedick says:

    I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of magic happening at this office!

  7. E S says:

    Place look absolutely incredible with Dan at the helm. Pete, that board will break.

  8. Vahith Baliram says:

    Hardest working person in Barstool! The best! We need more big cat and Dave content out

  9. Tavis Bregel says:

    This is why Big Cat is the best, great vision. Also, Dave’s office should be his!

  10. Shaun K. says:

    Loved seeing where the magic will happen.

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