SAM SULEK GROCERY HAUL | Fouad Abiad, Sam Sulek & Paul Lauzon | Hosstile

SAM SULEK GROCERY HAUL | Fouad Abiad, Sam Sulek & Paul Lauzon | Hosstile

Sam Sulek shows Fouad Abiad and Paul Lauzon what his grocery haul looks like. Fouad & Paul throw in some extras for good measure.

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34 Responses

  1. 3 Bro Productions says:

    Sam is like a giant teddy bear.

  2. Barbeque Sauce says:

    Watching Sam with a shopping cart is all the content I need

  3. Tanner Rood says:

    I’ve never clicked on a video so fast 😂 Pumped for the future for this guy. His cut, first competition, everything. He’ll have millions rooting for him and great team behind him!

  4. key vision says:

    We love Sam, please make sure he’s safe🗿

    • soy says:

      With his diet and lifestyle he ain’t but god bless him

    • Jason Genova says:

      ​@soysays who, Mr. G4P?

    • DaveN says:

      no way this guy will live long

    • soy says:

      @DaveN It’s amazing how much the body can bounce back, to be honest if he did a lifestyle 180 before it’s too late he’d still likely have a long quality life assuming he doesn’t develop any chronic illnesses. I wouldn’t be surprised if he fucks his guts up eating like this tho, probably develop some nasty IBS issues if he hasn’t already

    • DaveN says:

      @soy my man should get started right now, a diet like this and being juiced out the wazoo usually doesnt end well

  5. Specialniko says:

    How does it feel to be asked for photos? Sam:” Normal, we still need the rice” ❤️😂

  6. flump says:

    Sam is genuinely one of the most down to earth creators in the fitness game right now. Never been more excited for a video

  7. Chris Miguel Salazar says:

    That Cashier scanning the rice was impressive. LOL

  8. Rich Ellis says:

    Watching this kid come up is beyond amazing a new highlight for all us inspired bodybuilders

  9. Prazzic says:

    I like to imagine watching this and hearing Coach Greg cut every 30 seconds and have a melt down lol

  10. RawNoyze says:

    After all of the comments about the speed of the cashier, I can concur, she is ridiculously fast. Once she hits her stride during the streak of Uncle Ben’s, that’s when I realized we were dealing with someone on a completely different level.

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