I Remade My First Video

I Remade My First Video

COOKD OUT NOW 🙂 – https://cookd.store/
Thank you !

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26 Responses

  1. @lazarlazar says:

    Thanks for the support on COOKD already. Audio was abit scuffed but wanted to share the wholesomeness. Enjoy.

  2. @tilerandmariexplore8986 says:

    bro seeing lazar being an amazing uncle is so cool, thanks for all the good videos over the literal last decade lazar

  3. @Turtleomelette says:

    Thank you so much lazar, you had such a influence on my life. Thank you and please keep uploading

  4. @shrednessgaming2241 says:

    Best vid ever this and the part at the end you and your dad just kicking back, you can tell he is proud of you, you’ve come a bloody long way mate

  5. @angelrod3255 says:

    Lannan both loving and abusing a rock is the most wholesome moment I ever seen

  6. @Need-You-Tonight says:

    A decade ago, we all witnesses a bloody legend enter a community that will continue to love him for the way he is. Happy early birthday Lazar, you’ve never failed to impress us. You are the *GOAT.*

  7. @maxfranck4988 says:

    I feel like having Lazar as an Uncle would never get boring.

  8. @ZOfficialJ says:

    The fact that Bodie is about to be 11 makes me feel like an old man

  9. @BARCA.GOATED says:

    It’s awesome to think that when he started making vids he was considered a deadbeat kid with no future, and know to think that he is by far the most successful person in his families history and is acknowledged and loved by 21 million people. KEEP GOING LAZAR

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