What if Pokémon had an Earth Type?

What if Pokémon had an Earth Type?

What if Pokemon didn’t have Rock and Ground type, but just an Earth type?
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38 Responses

  1. MandJTV says:

    oh hey look at all those cool new products as part of the MandJTV holiday drop https://mandjtvmerch.com/ 👀

  2. Richard Woods says:

    If this could be a series, definitely would be interesting to combine psychic and fairy into a magic type

  3. Cody Hines says:

    Also: Diamonds are considered the hardest mineral, not for their durability, but for how difficult it is to scratch them. That’s what Hardness means in terms of mineral stats.

  4. Sean Kenny / 皆本 雷公 Minamoto Raikou says:

    See, I’m a fan of both Michael and Wolfe, for different reasons, and obviously because they’re vastly different content creators, and tend to focus on different aspects of the franchise and fandom.

    So to see them collaborate is literally something I never dreamt of, but it’s now become something I wished I dreamt of. Seriously hoping that we get to see more of these collaborations, because honestly, I feel like collab videos like these are easily the best representation of the fandom as a whole.

  5. Adrián Rodríguez says:

    I LOVE that you mention that grass type should just be just the plant type, because actually in Spain’s Spanish it is categorised as such in the type chart, which always made more sense to me than calling it: “tipo hierba” (grass type in Spanish)

    • DiamondDraws says:

      Ngl I always thought it was weird how not only they chose a specific plant to name the type after and not calling it just just the plant type. Makes it seem like every Pokémon in the type is just based off of grass lol

    • T-Archer says:

      Same for in Colombia. Tipo planta is much better than hierba/pasto. Sadly, we still have steel “acero” instead of metal (same writing in both languages)

    • Adrián Rodríguez says:

      @DiamondDraws Yeah, that’s my problem exactly. Maybe it made sense in gen 1 when most grass types where actually based off on types of grass and flowers (and fungi for some reason) but now that we also have Pokémon based on trees, fruits and even leaves and paper, it should just be called the plant type.

    • Malxire says:

      tipo hierba technically would be weed type, but yeah planta sounds better than pasto

    • Jay Flame says:

      Same for France – In French, Grass Type becomes Type Plante

  6. The True J-Bru says:

    I feel like Flying should be split between itself and Wind. Then you can have a more physical-based Flying for winged or bird-like Pokemon (Crobat, Dodrio, Tropius) and attacks (Drill Peck, Wing Attack) and the more special-based Wind for those that don’t FLY per se but instead manipulate air for mobility (Drifblim, Tornadus, Hoppip) and attacks (Air Cutter, Hurricane)

  7. Regeor says:

    Elements have always been varied between different games and shows. I like how unique Pokémon types are, even if some names don’t make sense (steel).

  8. Olaf Mikołaj says:

    Devision of rocks and ground in pokemon is what I really like. Because they are both so different even if they come from earth. Same with Ice and Water.

    • TheBT says:

      I honestly think you could do a further split with gemstones, rock is weak against steel but diamonds are treated as part of the type and steel has no impact on them

    • AMV University says:

      I get that

    • Olaf Mikołaj says:

      ​@TheBTNah that would just create more chaos. And there aren’t enough “gem” type candidates to justify it’s beieng a type. And on the top of that: rock would loose a ton of special moves.

    • Vívio CA2 says:

      @TheBT If you’re going purely by composition, steel should also be considered a rock or ground, since its from where they come from.

    • TheBT says:

      @Vívio CA2 Nah, Steel has gone through a non natural process to be created.

  9. Aluber says:

    I personally think it will be cooler if both Giovanni and Brock were earth type leaders, it would both invoke the feeling of coming full circle and it would also show you how far you came since defeating Brock

  10. Mighty Two-Headed Meerkat says:

    Personally, I’ve always disliked the idea of merging types like Rock/Ground or Water/Ice together. True their base components are the same, but the exact themings are always different. Water represents the oceans, rain, and…well, water. Ice represents glaciers, the frozen tundra, and the chilling wind of winter. Likewise for Rock and Ground; ground may essentially just be eroded rocks, but ground essentially _is_ earth. It is the ground beneath your feet, the sand of the desert (which I should say it’s weird that Sandstorm is a Rock-Type move, when moves like Sand Tomb are Ground-type), and the mud of mirelands and quagmire. Rock is mountains, caves, the stone that comprises human tools. Rock is solid and unmoving, while ground is where seeds are sown. It just feels wrong to attempt to combine them and their themes

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