I Survived 50 Hours in 2D

I Survived 50 Hours in 2D

2D is cool but 1D is cooler

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25 Responses

  1. Beefles says:

    The video may be in 2D, but Ryan’s personality will always have depth to it. Entertaining video!

  2. VEE3RDEYE says:

    How many more headset videos can this man produce ????.?

  3. Prince Fandi says:

    Wow Ryan is so cool and popular

  4. Makiscito says:

    To everyone who is reading this: i know that life is hard but always remember to stay strong💜

  5. FridayNightGamin says:

    wow, ryan is so cool and popular, who would’ve thought.

  6. RazzHD says:

    Ryan makes a better storyline then anything ive watched on Netflix

  7. BCBloxxer says:

    Ryan is actually living the video game life. Albeit, it’s a pretty meh-ish bootleg of the sims but in 1st person.

  8. LofiLiam says:

    the fact that that the footage from the 2d headset was so laggy i would just give up cus it would give me a head ache Big props to ryan

  9. Frozen Magma Beast says:

    Wow Ryan is so cool and popular and watching his videos makes my day. You put so much effort into making all of your videos great quality and it shows. Have a great day.

  10. Thirzy says:

    I like how Ryan makes entertaining videos then turns it into a life lesson

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