I Survived the World’s Loneliest Job

I Survived the World’s Loneliest Job

so lonely 🙁

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30 Responses

  1. Jorden Tually says:

    Ryan goes on the most WILD adventures and always has the best storytelling!

  2. Kyle Thatcher says:

    I love that he went there and actually worked hard. He shoveled 300 steps and enjoyed it and took pride in it. I can’t think of very many YouTubers that would go there and actually get immersed in the work.

  3. Nicole Youngberg says:

    Elena is just so kind. I love how dedicated she is and how much work she puts into the island and the lighthouse.

  4. BigC7 Cards says:

    There’s something so special about watching Ryan genuinely working his tail off to create intelligent, unique and ridiculously entertaining content. Very well done! ❤

  5. Just a Fairy-Story says:

    It’s impossible not to love and appreciate Ryan. This is what social media platforms should be used for. I’m sure he’s far from a perfect person but he is probably the most wholesome creator I’ve ever seen, and I mean, mostly watch pretty wholesome creators.

    The fact that he’s someone not that much older than me, and is willing to and capable of going all these places, it’s inspiring and it gives
    me hope for the future.

    If I can ever radiate half as much love and excitement as Ryan I’d consider it a success.

  6. Tyler Blanchard says:

    Why did that fire explosion make me jump like that lol

  7. Zac Alsop says:

    There’s so many different ways to exist on this world, such a cool insight Ryan!

  8. SpaceFlye says:

    What a perfect ending Ryan. Wrapped up the story so well.
    There’s being lonely and then there’s being alone, at peace. Elena found that peace I can see.

  9. M7mD says:

    This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long while , The camera work is out of this world every shot is amazing and visually pleasing, Ryan’s videos are on a different level compared to the majority of YouTubers right now I really appreciate the effort he and everyone working on the videos put into it

  10. Karve 1 says:

    Your story telling is so advanced for a Youtuber, I kinda teared up at the end and honestly don’t know why. Keep it up Ryan, you inspire so many more of us than you even know!

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