I Tested 1-Star Hotel Reviews

I Tested 1-Star Hotel Reviews

I don’t need a refund, I need a therapist

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37 Responses

  1. That'll Work says:

    Kudos to you man, I would never go to 1-star hotels and sleep with bed bugs…that’s literally my nightmare 🫣

  2. Ella Ella says:

    As someone who watches both Ryan and Haley, Ryan simply reading a book felt like a crossover 😂😂

  3. Brian Hernandez says:

    Let’s all give a hand for this man for literally sleeping with bed bugs for us.

  4. I_prefer_the_term_antihero . says:

    I love how he didn’t just say “I read one of your favorite books” but instead surprised her with knowing actual content from it. It was really cute

  5. Alex_an_x_2 says:

    Ryan dropping chocolate cake on the bed is both tragic and absolutely hilarious at the same time I could not stop laughing

  6. Deja says:

    Damn this episode has me in all kinds of emotions…
    That first hotel should be shut down and not open until they fix the bug problems, the other ones seem surprisingly fine but I am still sad at the lack of gorillas. You won big at the last one, and you actually read the book and made it a wholesome reveal.
    Thanks man, keep being you. <3

  7. Jorden Tually says:

    Ryan is basically a travel vlogger at this point 😂

  8. XLoading_VirusX says:

    The ending was wholesome, you can tell that book was really one of her favorites, and for you to surprise her by reading it… well done Ryan, well done. 😊 keep up the great work!

  9. Kyara M says:

    I cracked up when Ryan actually folded the pizza in half instead of folding it sideways.😭 I would’ve thought the same too.💀

  10. Araújo Oluap Is Waiting. ... says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on anyone else’s relationship. But that was extremely sweet off you to read that book for Hayley.. & seeing her so surprised and happy made me happy

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