The Amazing Digital Circus – A psychological dark comedy about cute cartoon characters who hate their lives and want to leave 🎪😀
PILOT EPISODE DROPS October 13th 2023

Created by @Gooseworx and GLITCH Productions

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39 Responses

  1. GLITCH says:

    GLITCH’S NEXT ANIMATED SHOW DROPS OCTOBER 13th. See you at the Circus. 🎪😃

  2. Team Toons says:

    The part where Pomney says “Oh god, why can’t I remember my name?” is dark as heck. The fact that the fate of these characters is to slowly forget who they originally were and their lives and know nothing but the circus they’re trapped in is so haunting and terrifying. Can’t wait! 🙂

  3. Minetendo Fan says:

    This show looks incredibly charming and they definitely weren’t wrong about surreal dark comedy

  4. Who’s This? says:

    This seems like another outstanding art piece from glitch! Your stories are very well told and I’m hoping we can still see more of murder drones before this is released. Murder drones will always be my fav but, who knows! Can’t wait for this!

    Less important edit: the comedy from Liam vickers, glitch, and goosework is basically broken, but I love the mentally unstableness of your characters ❤ it really makes me want to watch it more 🎉 I’m excited for more future shows created by your team!

  5. Luzno Lindo says:

    The massiveness of the world definitely adds to the horror aspect. The way some areas looked makes you think they’d just go on forever, like if they’d tried walking down a hallway they’d just loop back to the start if said hallway.

  6. Grandiose says:

    For all the people who think Murder Drones is canceled, it is not. Also remember that this is just a pilot episode, so if it does well, then a season 1 will release sometime next year. Episode 7 of MD will release in october.

    Edit: October 13 is just the release date of the pilot episode of Digital Circus, not season 1. After TADC pilot, i’m 100% sure Glitch will go back to Murder Drones.

  7. Artem Y says:

    This masterpiece will be really amazing. I really believe in the creators that the new series gonna be “jaw-dropping, heart-stopping and mind-bending”.
    Good job, Glitch productions and Gooseworks.

  8. Dolton I. says:

    This feels more professionally made than most of the movies released the past few years

  9. Devin B says:

    The best part about this trailer is that we final have a release date. Can’t wait to see what y’all can do!

  10. Moose Man says:

    As much as I’m excited for this show, I might just have to wait for the entire thing to come out because I simply cannot have yet another piece of media leave me depressed and broken this year.

    • Atom8o says:

      AGGHH SO TRUE BUT NAH im gonna watch this day 1 😭😭

    • Hall003 says:

      Nha i want to feel pain and sadness. Way better then nothing

    • Moose Man says:

      @Hall003 the difference between us is I’m not feeling nothing, but I hope this helps w that. I know this is based off one of these most bleak pieces of media ever and I simply want to watch out for myself

    • Hall003 says:

      @Moose Man yeah i’m not saying you are also feeling nothing these days, as for me that is very much the case, and this show just screams “i’m trapped in a place i don’t like and i can’t do anything about that” with a side of comedy, and that is perfect for me right now.

    • Cubeytheawesome says:

      Yeah, as much as stuff like murder drones is really cool, I want something a bit more wacky, silly, and somewhat episodic.

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