Stranger Things Cast Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

Stranger Things Cast Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

The cast of Netflix’s Stranger Things test their friendship! Sadie Sink, Millie Bobby Brown, Maya Hawke, and Noah Schnapp describe each other using emojis, do trust falls together, share their pet peeves and more.

Volume 1 & Volume 2 of Season Four of Stranger Things are currently available and streaming on Netflix.

Director: Nurys Castillo
Associate Producer: Alejandra Parisi
Post Leads: Arielle Neblett and Natalie Campbell
Director of Photography: Eric Brouse
AD: Scott Perlman
Audio: Rebecca O’Neill
Cam Op: Jack Belisle
Gaffer: Niklas Moller
Production Assistant: Rafael Vasquez
Production Manager: Marilee Hodge
Editor: Lucy Nebeker
Post Production Supervisor: Christian Olguin

Talent: Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink, and Maya Hawke

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35 Responses

  1. evil says:

    it’s crazy how stranger things has brought them all together and they’re all lifelong friends

  2. roxeirys romero says:

    Maya is without a doubt Sadie Sink’s older sister 🧡 her friendship is very cute and sincere 😭😍

  3. Sun Sun says:

    Maya & sadie are good friends but you can see millie and noah give the “bestftiend 4ever” vibe and they’re so confident in their friendship; they’re opposite eachother but together they’re just perfect

  4. nadia says:

    millie and noah’s friendship is all I ever wanted in any relationship. it’s just perfect. and maya and sadie give off really close siblings it’s just perfect

  5. Arailym Oteu says:

    Millie and Noah being so confident in their friendship and competitive but being more awkward to give compliments is everything to me rn

  6. huh says:

    i could watch sadie and maya interact forever, they are the sweetest people out there :,)

  7. WOw, sExy says:

    Noah and Millie together never fails to entertain me, they’re both so funny lmao

  8. P.A.B. says:

    I had a friend who used to yell “trust fall!” to random people and then fall into them lol. Unfortunately he isn’t with us anymore but it was great to see. More people would let him fall than catch him.

  9. Dance Monkey says:

    1:32 the way he closed his hands when he held her so he wouldn’t touch her in a way that makes her uncomfortable was so sweet of him

    • Ariana says:

      we all do that, it’s a subconscious move people do when they use their arm muscles, u can see maya closed her fists as well, and sadie started hers out as one!

    • Olivia Sommerville says:

      lol I didn’t even notice at first

  10. Erik Danielson says:

    Maya and Sadie give off such supportive older sibling/younger sibling energy and Millie and Noah give off chaotic siblings who share the same three brain cells energy

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