Guts VS Dimitri (Berserk VS Fire Emblem) | DEATH BATTLE!

Guts VS Dimitri (Berserk VS Fire Emblem) | DEATH BATTLE!

A fight of brutal avengers: Dragon Slayer faces the Blue Lion!
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38 Responses

  1. ArticAbyss 64 says:

    Everyone wants to Kill Griffith but no one wants to lift a Heavy Ass sword to do it

  2. VenomSasuke DekuRWBYfan says:

    Whether some of us thinks that Guts should’ve won or Dimitri stomps even harder, we can agree that even though Guts lost, he went out like a boss.

  3. Seiya Tempest says:

    Even in death, Guts stands strong and Dimitri honours him by protecting his soul from demons. What a beautiful moment that perfectly sums up both characters.

  4. Scouthedog1 Animations says:

    I don’t know what I’m more surprised by. The first FE character in death battle being Dimitri instead of someone like Marth Ike or Lucina.
    the fact that Dimitri actually managed to win and defeat Guts. I was sure he was going to lose

    • Grated Shtick says:

      To be fair, Dimitri has the most stated strength feats of any lord so far, and FE has been hard to scale. As for beating Guts, he definitely had the tools to do so.

    • Vegeta cult giyu says:

      Never expected to see you here despite your channel being a little similar to this one

    • Paper Luigi says:

      @Grated ShtickFE scaling is even harder if we take skills into account (Death Blow, Seal Strength, Pavise, Miracle, etc).

    • MagiV says:

      ​@paperluigi6132 skils kinda aren’t really cannon feats though outside of things like the jugdral sword skills and aether
      And Even then, they’re just special/finishing moves

    • Squatch says:

      Honestly, I think that giving him access to Swordbreaker helped a lot. I wasn’t sure whether they’d add it or not, but it does make sense since the lance line of combat is Dimitri’s most common path thanks to Areadbhar. Also hey @paperluigi6132

  5. AngelDemon says:

    Even if Guts lost, I’m happy they gave him one of the best endings with him still standing and Dimitri protecting his soul from the demons.

  6. FishyBoi says:

    I was not expecting this outcome, but I love it. Dimitri grabbing his broken sword and fighting demons to save Guts’ souls after he fell was heartwarming and absolutely in character. I always love when Death Battle has these touching endings.

    • FishyBoi says:

      I also wanna add that the final shot of guts standing, dead, against the moon was a lovely tribute. I may not have read Beserek, but I know the manga writer created something that resonates with a lot of guys going through mental health issues. The final shot of this battle being Guts standing in defiance, even in death, is so fitting.

      I’m struggling to put my thoughts into words here but I think bringing up the shot of Dimitri walking past Guts to fight the demons could almost be seen as maybe a passing of the torch? I’m not sure if Dimitri the character was inspired by Guts at all, but there’s little denying that they both stand as rare, yet refreshing, looks at men struggling with mental health. Whatever’s the case, it shows a ton of respect to both characters.

    • Anonymous Anomaly says:

      ​@fishyboi98 Couldn’t agree more. I love replies that appreciate the work these guys do, rather than flame them cause “the research was flawed” or “this character should have won”.

    • High Student Production says:

      @FishyBoi Yeah even the arena they fight is a direct reference when Guts fight With Griffith. Ngl I’m still want Guts to win because how much he been through, but.. each time he get weaker and weaker through the series. And the more sad fact is…

      (Please avoid this reading this if you want to check the Berserk Manga)

      Even tho Guts dead in amazing way still his sould will not rest in peace as long he has his brand. He will get torture in after life for eternity… That’s what make me a bit sad when he lose. But yeah.. it was good fight.

    • Seiya Tempest says:

      @Anonymous Anomaly True, it’s important to acknowledge that DB is entertainment in the end, and not an authority on VS debates. Constructive criticism is fine, but some people just blindly insult when their preferred character loses.

    • Call me Zelda ONE moar time says:

      Broken spear*

  7. Silent Passion says:

    I gotta give mad respect to Dimitri for refusing to let the demons come for Guts even after he died in the fight.

    • Akuma Imayaruk says:

      It was the best way they could have shown the True level of Honor Dimitri holds as a knight even when he is walking a path of “evil”.

    • Omega Minoseer says:

      I wonder if that means that Guts’ Rage will be a voice in his mind now. Imagine the presence that could be offered as Dimitri can tap into even more Berserker rage, amped by Guts’ psychosis.

    • xsilverwaterx says:

      Too bad Dimitri will be ABSOLUTLEY be eaten by the Apostles as he doesn’t have Gut’s charm as this is COSMIC magic, not Human.

    • DaSaiyanTV says:

      Honestly one of the most based storylines in Death Battle fight.

    • Nunchchucks says:

      @xsilverwaterx That was a nice move from Dimitri, but no way he beat the Godhand 😅

  8. Wyvern Fox says:

    Dimi taking on the Demons to protect Guts soul is everything

  9. sirEthereal says:

    Comparing Guts backstory from this episode to his first appearance against Nightmare, really shows what different worlds we lived in. Can’t say every bad thing that happened to him without getting demonetized

  10. Crimgon says:

    You see while Guts fights things stronger than him everyday, Dimitri fights things weaker than him everyday.

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