I Tried Secret Service Academy

I Tried Secret Service Academy

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Thank you so much to the United States Secret Service for making this project possible! Learn more about USSS here: http://www.secretservice.gov/careers

Directed by Garrett Kennell ► http://www.instagram.com/garrettkennell​
Edited by Silas Orteza ► http://www.silasorteza.com/​
Assistant Producer – Carissa S.
Director of Photography – Kevin Stiller ► https://www.kevinstiller.com
Motion Graphics Artist – KJ – https://vimeo.com/rvltnsg
Thumbnail designed by @venturepsd

Production and Post Production Audio Services Provided by Paper Mountain Post LLC – https://www.papermountainpost.co/
Production Sound Mixer – Christina Gonzalez
Supervising Sound Editor | Sound Designer – Domenic Orsi MPSE
Supervising Sound Editor | Re-recording Mixer – Christina Gonzalez

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26 Responses

  1. Design Nerd says:

    But seriously, can we appreciate Michelle for going through so much both mental and physical challenges?!! FBI, SWAT, PD, FD, The Army, and now this…! That’s insane!

  2. Tanja Moira says:

    I am so in awe at Michelle’s ability to learn and adapt so quickly. The sheer scale of the final test and the overall training she received is just mind blowing to me. Please never stop reaching for the stars and doing your thing, it’s so inspiring to see!

  3. pydepyper says:

    The ending killed me. 🤣 Also, the fact the Michelle and the team had to jump through so many hoops just to do this is insane! Talk about perseverance, that’s our girl. 😁

  4. Lily Harrison says:

    Your channel has grown so much! From doing more simple challenges to the FBI and police training and now the SECRET SERVICE! Your channel is so amazing you need a Netflix Show.

  5. Peter Adorjan says:

    At this point she’s trained at a lot of important stuff so if there’s a serious situation she just might be okay

    • Kenj Perez says:

      @Golden Age of Dinosaurs oh yeah very true she has that muscle memory

    • MerlinW says:

      @Golden Age of Dinosaurs Shooting is nothing to do with it. Dumb people shoot, smart people survive.

    • Parker Williams says:

      I don’t think so she only does this for like a week or four dayswhen she does the challenges FBIand law-enforcement training is like 26 weeks So I don’t really give her credit like she can really completed it

    • Phouc says:

      She understands the adrenal rush.

      That is all.

    • Golden Age of Dinosaurs says:

      She’s a decent shooter. I mean, not a pro or anything, but her marksmanship is good, especially when you consider she probably doesn’t practice it consistently.

  6. Glorfindel says:

    I really really love these training videos with different departments. Every time I find myself getting fired up, scared, and having to relax my muscles. Seeing that group of armed soldiers sweeping the mock town after the firefight started was terrifying. Excellently done Michelle, you’re braver than most people to even attempt their simulations and training programs. I could never do a live training like that ending sequence. Well done.

    • Natalie Thomas says:

      I would have shit my pants when those explosions went off at the end, it was already a jump scare watching through the screen 😅

  7. Alynne Linden says:

    I love how Michelle just nails the driving bits every time. She makes it look easy and impresses every instructor she has for that segment hahaha

  8. christiangoett says:

    This was by far the most incredible video. I can’t imagine how you could ever top this. Congratulations on this huge chance and crushing it.

  9. David Cuspeak says:

    I’m amazed that all these people agreed to set aside time to film this. Keep up the good work Michelle

  10. Peter Adorjan says:

    Someone needs to sign her to be her own TV or Netflix show up immediately

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