Fear the Furry

Fear the Furry

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Albert Hutchins
Andrew Palmer
Adam Knopow

Created by ►
Tom Hinchliffe & Don Greger

Project Management ►
Redminus https://www.twitter.com/Redminus
BoyPorcelain https://www.twitter.com/OKillustrations

Animation ►
Twisted4000 https://twitter.com/Twisted4k
Carmet https://twitter.com/MikeCarmet
Glasscake https://twitter.com/glasscake
Super Youmna https://twitter.com/super_youmna
AZ https://twitter.com/ZoroxAnimated
TwistedGrim https://twitter.com/TheTwistedGrim_
Boy Porcelain https://www.instagram.com/olliekremer/
Holly Gee

Storyboard Art►
Boy Porcelain https://www.instagram.com/olliekremer/

Backgrounds ►
Naav Draws https://www.instagram.com/naav_draws/
Soured Apple https://twitter.com/SouredApple
Ikridia https://www.instagram.com/Ikridia
Logan Cook https://www.instagram.com/logan_cook_art
AJJ https://twitter.com/taksesal
SlagBjorn.art https://www.instagram.com/slagbjorn.art/
Chompolon https://twitter.com/chompolino
Lexivine https://twitter.com/lexivine
SpectralBeacon https://twitter.com/spectralbeacon

VO ►
Marine – Don
UWU Marine – Tom

Music ►
Zach Heyde https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXtP4ANq7nIUYo6VZEEHtd8H3HP_MthUC

Sound ►
Justin Greger https://twitter.com/imadeasong

Compositing ►
Oddest of the Odd
James Lee

Merch ►

Instagram ►

Twitter ►

Discord ►

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42 Responses

  1. Flashgitz says:

    Go to our 2nd channel to see all the secret stuff you missed in this cartoon hehehe! https://youtu.be/AFOfdJ3y9bM

    • MDLuffy1234 says:

      0:56 As someone who knows the symbolism of the crest, the fact that the crest is backwards annoys me into losing my immersion.

      For those who don’t know, the closed left eye symbolizes the past, which is too painful to look towards, so they instead look only to the future, which is symbolized by the open right eye.

    • Screw The Net says:

      That was ridiculously harrowing and than some of the stuff GW puts out these days. Wow that was gripping. The comedy wasnt even the focus at all. This felt like animated horror lol WELL DONE LADS! ^<^

    • Mrafaela Hackenberg says:

      If the furry crusaders want to destroy all furrys they’ll have to join the WEEBS

    • CptObvious says:

      Cannot wait for this to become cannon

    • AshdroidGamer says:


  2. MeatCanyon says:

    well done boys, only gets better.

  3. Jason Dilts says:

    Okay you guys need to seriously do a film with this, at least an hour long. You’re all EXTREMELY brilliant and capture the horror of 40k PERFECTLY. I would watch every warhammer thing you do and will never unsubscribe. These furries come across like the Minions of Nurgle and Slaanesh! The dark ambience and the looming suspense and the underlying horror of it all… I’m floored. This is your best one yet!

  4. Seamus McBride says:

    The “uwu?” from that soldier is somewhat funny but also terrifying. Like, he’s trying to ask for help but that’s all that comes out. I love memetic shit like that.

  5. JusTrollin says:

    This perfectly encapsulated the horror of fighting chaos on a level that I have never seen before. I think Astartes was going in this direction after episode 5 but we never got that so I’ll say this is a worthy successor

  6. Kiverb Wade says:

    Вечная слава сынам Дорна! Деяния крестового похода не померкнут во времени!

  7. SuperWiiBros08 says:

    love how each new episode of the Furry Crusades keeps getting more and more serious while still having a small comedic tone

  8. magesticflame says:

    Even when infected he never gave in a true Solider and hero of this war May he Rest In Peace

    • Acesahn says:

      Actually, he did give in. The madness of seeing the image of the god emperor corrupted must have broken the last remnants of his sanity.

  9. RandomCanis says:

    Honestly impressed by the dedication and passion being put into this. The parodies always make me chuckle everytime I watch them. And I have to say, the visuals are top-notch here. Rarely comment on videos but this deserves one.

    • Téxt mè oń Telègràm 👉👉FlashgitzOfficial says:

      Thanks for watching
      Message the name above ☝️☝️.
      I have a gift for you 🎉🎉

  10. KDUBOBI says:

    I find it funny that the character development in the end just becomes that even the thoughest mentality in the universe can become furrupted. And i love how the fur is becoming each time more and more maniatic

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