Transforming EVERY Biome In Minecraft To Create THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL WORLD!

Transforming EVERY Biome In Minecraft To Create THE ULTIMATE SURVIVAL WORLD!

We’ve transformed pretty much every major Minecraft structure at this point, so how about we upgrade that Ocean Monument! 🌊 200,000 LIKES for Part 9 of the ULTIMATE Survival World or I’ll delete the world and NEVER fulfill my destiny of upgrading the entire universe.

Minecraft But Lava Rises In This EPIC Underground Kingdom! 🎥:
Download My Builds HERE 🛠️:

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Jake Rivers:

Song List:
Dreaming of the Sea
Heart of the Sea
Into the Shore
Underwater Graveyard
Oceans Epilogue
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Shaders: Complementary Shaders

Mods & Plugins Used:
Replay Mod
World Edit
Voxel Sniper
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28 Responses

  1. Wunba says:

    I loved the build and the lore took it above and beyond!

  2. anthony honeine says:

    These builds are so intricate and detailed, and look perfect at every possible angle, whether it’s a view of the whole thing or just a minuscule piece.
    Amazing work!

  3. SpectralArchivist says:

    The interior really reminds me of the Sunken Kingdom Shrines in Sea of Thieves, and I absolutely love it. From the mazes, to the treasure pedestals… Absolutely spectacular work, Trixy!

  4. Benny Boi Art says:

    Once you’ve finished this world, it would be cool if you filmed a video in a flat world where you plucked some of the main structures you transformed and place them side by side with their vanilla counterparts so that we can fully appreciate the grandiose scale of them.

  5. StephBlox says:

    We had so much fun creating this one together! It was actually quite surprising how dark the Deep Ocean is, but it really adds to the mystery & the challenge when exploring! This Ocean could literally soak up HOURS of your play time! 🌊💙

  6. nika andriadze says:

    This is by far the most immersive and impressive (Even though you have already created that ocean kingdom world that is also incredibly impressive) thing to come out of the USW Series! Wow, just wow. Everything looks so alive… Or dead, if you count the ruined pillars. But everything still feels incredibly whimsical and gorgeous. Bravo 👏!..

  7. Ignacio Villoslada says:

    This looks amazing but all these builds are only making me feel that the plains didn’t get enough I would love to see some sunflower fields, or an extension to the rivers so there can be a fishing village, it could even connect with rivers in other builds, extending trade between the cultures

    • Ignacio Villoslada says:

      @Yyt Yyy Yeah as a way to show in the lore how each group affected the other by the connections made through trade routes

    • Yyt Yyy says:


    • Ignacio Villoslada says:

      It can be more centered on trade since you already added fishing to the other village, and it could even be made into a swamp village since it would make sense that it would center on trade, and its one of the biomes that you are missing

  8. 50% makeup says:

    it’s so clear that you and steph really enjoy making these builds and it genuinely puts a smile on my face. It’s very easy for creators under pressure from expecting viewers to neglect certain parts of their work but you guys never fail to go the extra mile

  9. WokenWRLD says:

    This project’s development through and through is just beautiful. Can’t wait to play this when you’re done!

  10. Goddeh says:

    Holy moly, this is really vibrant and all-around beautiful! You never have and never will fail to amaze me with builds like this! I’ll definitely be making my underwater laboratory themed base in the sand side of this ocean for sure!! 🐙

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