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51 Responses

  1. Razzbowski says:

    So proud of you mate! You make the world a better place & have earned your cameo. I ❤ u

  2. Starixia says:

    Hearing Dawko address what a reaction video is makes me sad because I’ve seen people complaining that he overexaggerates, but honestly, I love his reactions because he always gets me hyped up for upcoming games and that. Seeing him generally enjoy something and pick out tiny details shows he’s passionate and I don’t think many youtubers are like that anymore. <3

    • Dawko says:

      Yeah I addressed it for exactly this reason, and people saying “Shutup let me watch the trailer” when it’s literally a reaction video 😂

    • DAYZA__ says:

      I dont even mind the talking i like it what usually bothers me in reaction videos is the repeated pausing- but this video is good especially since Dawko watched it all the way through before analyzing (caugh caugh mattpat)

    • Lukas Pisecky says:

      ​@DawkoAnd that’s why I never complained. I love reaction videos. If it’s something new I never watched before, I would watch it original video first before watching yours. Anyway, love your reaction. I’m hyped for Halloween too. Also greetings to cute Mabel.❤😂❤

    • ღThe Irish Roverღ says:

      honestly dawkos reactions are so wholesome and funny they never fail to make me smile honestly

    • Prince Chavv says:

      @DAYZA__ I mean Matt’s adressed it recently to the point where. for the last 2 FNAF trailer releases, he’s watched it all the way through before going back and pausing for analysis.

  3. Cpybara Pull-Up says:

    The fact that this trailer is 2 minutes probably means matpat is gonna come out with like a 2-3 hour video analyzing every frame and detail

  4. SpecklesTeeV says:

    Congrats Ryan, Bazz, Dawko, Razz and Cory for making it in the movie! Lets see if Markiplier will be in there.
    Cory is a physical character while the rest are in selfie photos as recent employees when the person is in the office

  5. Cpybara Pull-Up says:

    The cameos of all the fnaf content creators is great. I hope one day Mark gets a chance to cameo in the future.

  6. Eddy Ray says:

    I think, much like the books, the animatronics only seem hostile at first glance, but in fact they’re trying to protect Abby from Afton. Mike is highly likely still the lost son of Afton. The whole family could’ve dissolved after the initial tragedy in ‘83 and thrusted Mike and Abby into the child protective system which led to them being adopted. The animatronics are attacking Mike and other security guards and adults because they no longer trust adults at all.

  7. TheShinobiArchon says:

    Congratulations to Coryxkenshin on being in the FNAF movie, the Samurai community is probably going crazy right now

    • Good girl Williams 1 says:

      i agree

    • DJ says:

      Don’t translate.
      ในเวลาไม่กี่ชั่วโมง หัวใจของคุณจะเริ่มหยุดเต้น วิธีเดียวที่จะป้องกันไม่ให้สิ่งนี้คือสมัครรับข้อมูลจากช่องของฉัน


    • Reece Connor says:

      YES I love Cory and seeing him in this movie along side dawko and few more makes me so happy

    • Dmitri Brutus says:

      Wow, that’s insane. Although, it would have been cool to have Markiplier, 8-Bit Ryan, and him as cameo characters.

      Nevermind I saw the employee of the month.

    • EnderOcto says:


  8. SketchyShark says:

    My theory: The being driven away is Evan / CC. It symbolizes him being taken away from Mike. Golden Freddy has only one eye lit up (the blue one), and blue connects to Evan. His other eye isn’t red, and red refers to Cassidy. It shows that only Evan possesses Golden Freddy here. Abby is a stand in for Elizabeth, so that’s why Abby is close with him- they’re siblings.

    • ٴ says:

      Trying so hard not to get hype by the fan theories of the movie plot because they are all really good!

    • Mike says:

      …did we ever make a proper connection between these eye colors and the spirits that are (allegedly) possessing Fredbear and now manifesting as Golden Freddy…

      …or are these colors taken from some of the fanmade AUs I’ve seen online? Did we ever see Golden Freddy with these eye colors, in the games, books, anything before?

    • SCP-049 says:

      @MikeNo it was fan art

  9. Jason101ooooh says:

    i love how dawko made a 2 minute trailer into a 30 minute one lmao. cant wait to see matpats 30 hour analysis.

  10. Giorno Giovanna says:

    I think there’s still a possibility that Mike is Afton’s son, considering the fact that William seems to have changed his identity, so when Mike is signing up for the job he probably doesn’t realize that’s his father on the other end
    And their father going by a fake name would partially explain why Mike is Abby’s only caretaker
    Perhaps they were also given fake names to protect them from Afton?

    • DaDif says:

      But why would William try to kill his kids as spring bonny

    • freddo says:

      @DaDif Because Afton is pissed off with Mike because he was the reason the Bite of 83 happened.

    • Mike says:

      ​@freddowe don’t know if that’s still part of the movie’s lore.

    • Mike says:

      Looking at the trailer, I think that the shot of Mike looking at the car with the kid on the back is a repressed memory. Maybe that’s him, being taken away from his home by his mom, away from William? Assuming of course this is Michael Afton, and not simply just Mike Schmidt, who in that case, would just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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