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32 Responses

  1. scream_ghost says:

    danny is the essence of princess protection program and the fact that he has to incorporate the squishy bones in almost every one of his videos is sending me

  2. Camille Marie says:

    Fun fact: parts of this movie were filmed in Puerto Rico, including the scene where she is escaping with Major Mason. So that wasn’t LA, but actually it was Puerto Rico and it was a VERY big deal for me as a kid living on the island because I LOVED disney. Love your videos Danny, was hoping you’d do this movie!

  3. Brooke Andrie says:

    Danny should dress up like a disney princess when reacting to disney princess movies 😂

  4. lovey lovey lovey, dovey dovey dovey says:

    i know it’s a disney channel movie with a budget of like $10 and it’s not that serious, but it’s so funny that the “transformation” demi’s character undergoes as she enters basically the most extreme form of witness protection is like…they curl her hair a little bit 😭

    • Ramona A. says:

      @Skyler Momoko fr lol, at least they could try a little

    • Skyler Momoko says:

      I know right – what is with Disney movies where they do the bare minimum and the person is unrecognisable! 😂 It’s like Hannah Montana where she literally has different hair and nobody can tell who she is – I have pink & blue dyed hair now and literally nobody couldn’t instantly tell it was me lmao

    • Ramona A. says:

      @Joaquin Lugo Helikopter, helikopter!

    • dumpster says:

      I’m surprised they didn’t throw in some glasses. I’d bet even the general wouldn’t be able to recognize her if they did

    • Joaquin Lugo says:

      How much is a helicopter!!

  5. Danni Here says:

    The “you’re going to camp WORK” joke really did me in. Truly 9:06 had me choking on pudding, you’ve outdone yourself

  6. wannabe says:

    Danny showed us today that the princess protection program was really inside everyone of us all along

  7. CiCi M says:

    I’ve been a teenage girl and I can confirm that being amazing a bowling will get the mean girls after you.

  8. andy says:

    aside from the video being well made and entertaining, i just wanna point out how well coordinated the color palette is: danny’s sweater matches with the couch and GREG letters and his pants match with the pillows. as an aspiring designer i give it a 10/10

  9. PotatoDonki says:

    “How many princesses are there in the world?”

    I’m kinda surprised Danny didn’t already have that information bookmarked.

  10. AngelofGrace96 says:

    Danny’s sketches are getting even funnier and weirder, I love it

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