Going against ANYONE with trash connection.

Going against ANYONE with trash connection.

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19 – Oddwin

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30 Responses

  1. nicknamed12 says:

    The laggy opponent trashtalking after like he actually did something to earn the win is accurate AF and hits deep ngl.

  2. Metroid Foosion says:

    So accurate about the people who lag like crazy somehow being able to fully function in that shit. Always so funny barely being able to move and the opponent just stringing together combos like it’s offline cuz they so used to that shit. Just pisses me of even more e

    • sealios🦭 says:

      @noob fart ye, but that happens after a while, otherwise my game just lags or stops working for a little while. Has it never happened to you?

    • sealios🦭 says:

      @Bobus oh good thing I don’t host anything then.

    • Da One TL says:

      Cause it’s usually a lag switch

    • Bobus says:

      @sealios🦭you have to be host to not be lagging like hell it forces everyone else’s wifi to connect to your shitty internet so you feel as though your playing offline cause your not connecting to anything their connecting to you

    • Kingof Grim says:

      @noob fart almost every single two player game, fighting, madden, etc that was online, anytime on person lagged, both would lag. I would be running at 20 ping and lagging like crazy bc some dude has got a 300 ping internet

  3. Jeremy Santos says:

    The slow motion was made convincing they gonna have Caleb advertising everything

  4. pizza killer says:

    Nah the cherry on top was the panicked grabbing headphones to match his back talk

  5. Kamoshun says:

    Calebs ability to translate video games into skits are unmatched.

  6. Christhekid says:

    A Caleb fighting game would actually make sense to have multiple versions of the same character.

  7. Nii Amart says:

    Caleb’s editing skills always gets better everytime.

  8. Howieazy says:

    He had a crazy looking router 😂

  9. Justthatguy says:

    Every time I lag I watch my replays and just laugh at the reaction of the other team. Sadly I only play single player games :3

  10. Bizzle Made says:

    Lmfaoooooooooo! This shizz had me rolling cause I know the pain.

    • Bizzle Made says:

      @RicarIo promotions You funny bro. Keep it up and you will take off. You earned a sub. Now you gotta keep the funny going.

    • RicarIo promotions says:

      On god😂🤣Sorry for the annoying notification man, but I’ve been making some anime skits like calebcitys, so if you enjoyed this you’ll most likely laugh at my skits as well dude. If you’re busy though dont worry about it man

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