Keith Eats Everything At Jersey Mike’s

Keith Eats Everything At Jersey Mike’s

Keith’s eating the menu again, and this time it’s at Jersey Mike’s! Find out which items Keith and his special guests enjoy the most, and which ones just don’t make the cut.

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Becky Habersberger

Ryan Garcia

Kwesi James

Alex Lewis

Marissa Rivera

Jared Popkin

Chris Reinacher

Mishelle Martin

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36 Responses

  1. JonnyCakes says:

    Came for Keith, stayed for Becky.

  2. Abigail McCaslin says:

    As someone with Celiac I love the fact I can get gluten free bread and have a sandwich and not just the sub the sub for a salad. But the way they auto knew the bread wasn’t regular is pretty much how all my friends feel when they try my bread lol

    • Drea L says:

      I’m celiac, and I’ve been too scared to try jersey Mikes for fear of getting glutened! Are they pretty safe then?

    • Sydney Anderson says:

      Yes! Jersey Mikes takes precautions to prevent cross contamination and I even feel safe eating off the grill. They always put on my ticket “gluten allergy” and I have never had a bad experience.

    • Hailee Mae says:

      Firehouse subs has a good gluten free option!!!

    • Lorraine Munoa says:

      Right? I used to have to avoid gluten very carefully, and finding a place that’d do food for me AND my friends is so special and VITAL and made me feel “like a normal person again”. (when of course I was but it’s so alienating to never be able to dine with friends)

    • Alexa Kelley says:

      I was actually surprised how much they hated it hahaha I think stockholm syndrome is starting to take hold in me

  3. Hat_rack_ says:

    It’s wild to watch these because Keith goes from being exhausted from hunger to a spike in energy, making him loopy, to a food coma where he loses his energy again, to a final state of depression and insanity. 10/10

  4. Syndi Griner-Owens says:

    a wild turkey is smarter than a chicken, a chicken is smarter than a domestic turkey

    • Whiskey Grandpa says:

      we have wild turkeys in our backyard and i can confirm that they are terrifyingly intelligent

    • Badgerstaff says:

      Agreed. I’ve had chickens most of my life, and I’ve visited a turkey farm. My chickens aren’t “smart” but they also don’t lay down and die because they heard a loud noise so they think their dead. Which is something the farmer told me happens somewhat frequently.

  5. Julia Fenix says:

    Ryan brought such chaotic energy, I’m here for it

  6. mAm nO says:

    ive never actually been to jersey mikes, so this feels fullfilling in a way

  7. Connor Swanson says:

    As someone who managed a Jersey Mike’s for 4 years, it always brings me joy to see someone take a deep dive

    • Kathryn Maxwell says:

      Is there a special brand or way y’all do your tea? I’m from the South and JM used to have the best tea. (Although the past few times have been kinda disappointing.)

  8. Mythical Brit says:

    Keith is the sweetest shouting out his boys at Watcher ❤

  9. That Girl says:

    Kwesi never fails to be funny 😆

  10. BioYuGi says:

    Keith calling The Last of Us “The mushroom zombie show” made my day.

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