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50 Responses

  1. @cardboardguy2366 says:

    why did addison think having white hair was the same as being a literal zombie in the first place 💀💀

    • @GrillinNgas64 says:

      She did it throughout the entire franchise. Every new creature, she just said, “I’m a wittle bit different, and so are these ppl so I should fit in!” Even though she’s a completely lower level of different.

    • @spenceywencey3668 says:

      First it was her grandpa being bitten by a zombie – but not dying –
      Then it was some werewolf prophecy
      And then it turned out to actually just be her hair Bluetooth disconnecting from other aliens
      In conclusion
      Girly is 1/4 alien on her moms side and just needs to feel oppressed for some reason

    • @aarondavis8943 says:

      Yeah being a zombie is all about the rotting. If you ain’t rotting, you ain’t zombing. That’s my philosophy and it’s got me through some tough times in my life.

    • @cardboardguy2366 says:

      @@aarondavis8943 like what 💀

    • @earthtovesna says:

      ​@@spenceywencey3668 bluetooth disconnecting 😂😂😂😂 thats so accurate

  2. @autumnbreeze9205 says:

    I love the fact that the only thing that differentiates ‘normal’ humans from ‘horrible monsters’ is hair color. Like if a zombie just puts on a wig and a some makeup they could probably pass as human.

  3. @anakinskywalker846 says:

    I love that Danny’s sticking with the “I’m __” naming convention for this series even though at this point it makes no sense and would be really confusing for a new viewer

  4. @Sleepdeprivedkitty says:

    Danny’s “ADDISON HELP IM GONNA FUCKING DIE” is actually terrifying. He did a better job voice-acting than most of the characters.

  5. @sqeet7392 says:

    Addison reminds me of this guy at my school who once did a DNA test and found out he was like 2% Italian. Literally his entire personality revolved around that and he became obsessed with pizza and pasta and started to use “Italian” hand gestures constantly in random conversations.

  6. @Georgina_Needs-You says:

    Gotta love how in a universe where zombies and werewolves exist, the only thing they could add for addison being different was that her hair was white

  7. @rjai5003 says:

    I like how the emergency monster laws did literally nothing to keep the werewolves away from the people

  8. @mischivana8452 says:

    Addisons entire motivation throughout these movies is “I’m not like other girls cause I have slightly blonder hair” I think Alex Meyers says it best in his review of the movies

  9. @jil6185 says:

    It amazes me that all of the child audience in zombies supports Addison the whole time. She finds a way to insert herself into everything in every possible way. She makes literally everything about her.

  10. @Sophia_Needs_you says:

    I like how Danny points out the werewolves hardly being creature-like as being bizarre as if this isn’t the same franchise that depicts zombies as just people with green hair

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