Inside the NBA Discuss Victor Wembanyama

Inside the NBA Discuss Victor Wembanyama


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37 Responses

  1. Veperoode says:

    I think it speaks volumes when people are seriously debating if he can lead the league in blocks in his rookie season. Thats crazy no matter if he does it or not.

  2. Tejas Shyamsundar says:

    Victor had some great moments in the preseason. Hopefully he stays healthy and continues to get better. Sky’s the limit for this kid.

  3. Bored Celtics Fan says:

    Chuck excited for them San Antonio jokes this season

  4. Igoplord69 says:

    Rooting for you boy! Love his humility. Sky’s the limit!!

  5. HeyitsGabe says:

    If you need an example of what Kenny’s first take was, Anthony Davis didn’t have the mind set, had all the talent but not the mind set.

    • Willy The Thrilly says:

      i hope he has the career trajectory of giannis and not ad

    • LAURENT says:

      AD has the mindset. AD as a Pels was amazing. In 2018 he was the most dominant player in the league, both in regular season and playoffs. He just had a bad supporting cast..Now he’s with LeBron, so the biggest star is LeBron, it doesn’t mean AD isn’t playing like a superstar. He was huge in their championship run, was the best player in at least 2 of their 4 wins in finals…His issue is his health, which is not something he should be criticized for.

    • Justin D'Souza says:

      AD could have been a multiple mvp winner. Still a strong career but he is one of those what if’s…

    • sanin kontron says:

      @Justin D’Souza AD has zero mindset ! This yearJokic will eat him gain !

    • Avery B. says:

      ​@Laurent_08 AD mindset is inconsistent. Some nights he dominates, others he is more passive. Even tonight, zero points in the second half.

  6. Brandon Joseph says:

    The key point in his career so far is that he isn’t going to some shitty organization. He is joining the Spurs, RC Buford, and Coach Pop…a gold standard franchise in the NBA that will take care of him both on and off the court. He will show peaks this year and he will show rookie mistakes…it’s a journey we should all enjoy the upcoming years.

  7. SanTokes says:

    Kenny talking bout wemby mindset 😂 have you heard this kid speak? This kid is literally the smartest and brightest kid I’ve seen a while. All this kid speaks about winning championships and helping teammates. His mindset is just as high as his ceiling is…this kid is gonna be special. I hope injuries don’t ruin his career 🤞

  8. hanku999 says:

    Congrats to Victor playing in the big league, wish him great success and stay healthy for his duration at the NBA!🎉🎉

  9. Jay Torr says:

    It’s not the skillset. It’s the mindset that sets him apart. He WANTED to be drafted to the Spurs. He is WANTS to be coached. He works both his skills, his body AND mind. This kid will dominate the league, injury aside he is set for GOAT status.

    • Newcastle United Clips says:

      This mindset rubbish is what analysts push in the media so they don’t have to go in detail about the actual game because they never played. What player is gonna say “oh I want to be drafted by the lakers so I can go clubbing all night” or “I want to be drafted by the nuggets so it’s my best chance for a ring”

    • Freshoftheoven says:

      It is the skillset

    • Streight Fishin' says:

      Really.. is that why the spurs purposely tanked their season??? Can you tell me when the last time spurs won just 20 games?? This is what the league wants not what HE wants.

    • Alzarian says:

      I think it’s not just the skillset. It’s the discipline. He’s always looking for people to box out. Always looking for defensive opportunities. He’s well coached.

    • Will N says:

      Maybe for Wemby it’s both. I mean look at Ben Simmons for instance. Dude HAS the skillset but mentally he just wasn’t right. It’s THAT simple.

  10. Rudolph Dandelion says:

    Love his humbleness and work ethic. Go Spurs GO!

    • jjarvo1 says:

      @The Meech don’t take this the wrong way… but the word is* intention. Don’t be offended, it wasn’t my intention. Take care.

    • Ziplock Baggies says:

      @The Meechlmao professor couldn’t even get it right on your attempt to correct someone

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