Inside the NBA reacts to Celtics-Lakers Overtime Thriller | NBA on TNT

Inside the NBA reacts to Celtics-Lakers Overtime Thriller | NBA on TNT

Boston comes out on top in an instant classic in LA 🍀

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53 Responses

  1. Vince 1987 says:

    Best part was they had to roll the standings down to find the Lakers 😆

  2. Deepak Nambisan says:

    Great game! Worth staying up for, even for us poor souls living in the U.K. 🙂

  3. Sports311 says:

    This was a crazy game. It’s just came down to which team can finish the game strong?? The Celtics were up 20 in the first half and then the Lakers made their run in the 4th. Both teams tried their hardest to hold on to their lead, but there’s only 1 team that flat out let go of the rope, and that was the Lakers in overtime

    • Fair play says:

      The Lakers always play teams coming from a back to back from playing Clippers, Lakers always playing tired teams

    • PG 13PACERNATION says:

      AD needs to knock down those crucial FTs because as soon as the game went to OT, I knew Lakers wouldn’t have enough gas left in the tank to compete against much younger Celtics.

    • curtis brown says:

      @ImReallyHim Yea, he is saying the same thing you are saying in reverse. “If” “if” “if”……….

    • PAQUIN Raino says:

      @ImReallyHim same for him saying if the Celtics didn’t give up a 20 pts lead, it’s bad for the Lakers especially when a 70% Kawhi-PG duo handled the Celtics way faster than the Lakers could

    • ImReallyHim says:

      @Nick Paine It factors into his comment on finishing the game strong and the Lakers letting go in the end, it isn’t “pointless”. Develop some awareness for me?

  4. Steve Henderson says:

    This Game Was Crazy, Celtics was up by 20 , then Lakers comeback up by 12 , Celtics comeback force overtime & win

  5. Joe Knapp says:

    WOW. I honestly haven’t watched much of the Celtics this year but JT’s handles and footwork have gotten INSANE. Kobe would be proud. 👏🏻

  6. Joey says:

    I’m with Chuck. Talk about and show the Lakers 10x more than exciting upcoming teams doing bits this season like NO, Kings, Cavs etc.

  7. JAYO says:

    Chuck is all of us except for Lakers fans. We’re sick and tired of sports media constantly gassing them up when in reality they are an average team at best. Teams like the Bucks, Celtics, Nuggets, and Pelicans to name a few deserve much more coverage.

  8. Matteo Ruberto says:

    “The lakers are not a good team but we have to talk about’em all the time 🙄” gold

    • puhahaha77 says:

      @Jm Productions When you have the Aventador, LaFerrarri, SLS Gullwing, 911 Turbo S, 918 GT yet still can’t get the chicks, you ARE a bad “team!”

    • Roberto Clemente says:

      He’s 100% right– media market in LA dictates that. Plus LeBron, he’s just always going to be the focal point of the game until he retires. They do deserve credit for no longer being a hot mess, but they don’t deserve constant TNT coverage either. We should have the chance to see all the league’s stars in action– spread the wealth!

    • anhell32 says:


    • Paco A says:

      Happens when you win 17 championships. What do you want to talk about the Pistons?

    • Jm Andan says:

      @Dee Houston they can always hang with the best teams and if they didn’t blew the games where they were supposed to win like this one then they are the 5th seed.

  9. 3rdEye says:

    Chuck is a man of the people. These last few Lakers games have been fishy and it didn’t help that the Lakers attempted 30 FT to the Celtics 16.

  10. Jay- Jay says:

    I’m just glad Celtics won this game finished with this tough 6 road game stretch with 4-2 record, probably will be toughest part of their schedule, because they played Miami twice before getting on the road. Celtics can go under the radar keep winning, stay healthy, and maintain 1st seed for home court. I’ll be ok if no one talks about them they play better. Looking forward to Bucks game coming up.

    • Josh says:

      @victor corpuz yes because they haven’t beaten any good teams this year. Oh wait, they have. Weird

    • Ricky F says:

      @victor corpuz You obviously know nothing about basketball. Bucks lost 2 nights ago to the rockets lol any team can lose on any night. THE NETS BEAT THE PACERS WITHOUT 8 OF THEIR PLAYERS INCLUDING THEIR ENTIRE STARTING 5. Watch more basketball, and THEN you can have an opinion

    • jay 1988 says:

      @victor corpuz i know right lets just ignore that their missing 2 starters.

    • victor corpuz says:

      This just show celtics is just a bottom feeder. Almost lost to weakling.

    • jay 1988 says:

      Now back in Boston for the next 17 days lets stack wins.

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