Inside Vanessa Hudgens’s Enchanting L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Inside Vanessa Hudgens’s Enchanting L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today AD brings you to the lush hillside neighborhood of Los Feliz in Los Angeles to visit the enchanting home of actress Vanessa Hudgens. Hudgens spent five years searching for the right property before settling upon the Georgian colonial house she now calls home, undertaking renovations both on her own and in tandem with interior designer Jake Arnold. With her work comes many nights on the road (she stars in Lin Manuel Miranda’s upcoming directorial debut, “Tick, Tick…Boom!”) meaning Vanessa’s home has become a place to return to, renew, and reconnect. “It’s nice to know that when I get home, I’ll have a bath waiting for me. I always savor that first soak.”

See more of Vanessa’s home here:

Vanessa’s a big fan of her Cali Water fridge and you can be too:

Artwork courtesy of:
Photos from Children of the Lost Sun by Asher Moss

Libre Pensador by Fernando Garcia Rosas

Rugs seen throughout the house courtesy of:

Catch Vanessa in “Tick, Tick…Boom!” in theaters November 12th and on Netflix November 19th

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Inside Vanessa Hudgens’s Enchanting L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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28 Responses

  1. Rafael Calças says:

    People’s houses really do reflect their personality.

  2. Johanna Yoo says:

    Digging the fact she collects things. The “empty” spaces in her home just feel like she’s waiting for the right pieces to come along and fit there – there’s no rush to buy placeholders or generic items. It all feels pretty intentional, which is really refreshing for a celebrity home. Looking forward to paige wassel to cover this one!

  3. David Alvarez says:

    This house has a very interesting mysterious vibe. Those hidden gardens which feel so Italian, and the hardwood floors from some chapel in Europe, and the fact that every single detail is intentional and has to have meaning for her is wonderful. I’m in love! She seems very cultured when she talks about the furniture she has and what style movement it’s from. The house is very sophisticated. Love it!

  4. Heather Doute says:

    How you can tell a celeb actually lives in their home…it’s has stories and they know where stuff came from. Love how she said she didn’t want to show her closet cause it was a mess. That she found a picture of herself on Etsy and bought it because she loved it. That is honestly one of the coolest things. She seems incredibly sweet.

    • Mari Anna says:

      @paul john a shop where people sell handmade, customized and vintage goods. A lot of artists and artisans sell their art and different kind of crafts. You can also find furniture (especially vintage).

    • Beluwuga says:

      Bruh just because you know the history of the house doesn’t mean you actually live there, a broker might know better, the architect, a historian, shoot, a collector might know better. And if you’re an owner of a beautiful property, you surely liked to know your property, it doesn’t mean you live there or not, you own it… it’s your right to know especially if you have a collector side of you.. she can have another house in Calabasas just because you know the history doesn’t mean you live there 24/7/365 could be 3 months of the year could be less..

    • Ray Flynn says:

      @Beluwuga man sure got you worked up huh

  5. stephen pain says:

    I found myself marveling at the fluidity of her tour, as if all the choices she made came naturally to her, yet one can also see that she has researched the background of the house and its history, and her choices accentuate the features of the original architecture. It is as if she was destined to own that house! Thanks AD and of course Vanessa for the tour!

  6. Catherine Todd says:

    Every other word carries so much EMPHASIS when Vanessa speaks… it’s quite remarkable. Don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speak quite like that. Each and every item is SO SO IMPORTANT! She obviously loves her beautiful home and spent a great deal of time on it. Good for her.

  7. ItsSkyLOL says:

    I would never leave this wonderland O_O <3 So much greenery and all earthy tones makes it look so cozy and lived.

    • Dee Shan says:

      Same, it’s truly one of the most beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. The “mini park” and secret garden she shows us at the end are a literal dream. You could hide away and read books in the sun while your dog runs around…my definition of happiness!

    • Magie Ma says:

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    • Kovy B says:

      HerI naughty nacced photos are also very cozy

    • b̶r̶i̶v̶a̶ says:

      I forgot which movie I’d seen her in…..cud someone tell ??

    • Har Ruca says:

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  8. Christina Slocum says:

    I would move in immediately and wouldn’t change a thing! The provenance, house and grounds are beyond. Also, Vanessa is a doll.

  9. J M says:

    the whole house is a dream and that arch entry to the secret garden is EVERYTHING, best house so far that feel very homeish and just the vibes it radiates

  10. Enoxix says:

    Amazing woman! Amazing house!

    • Rihanna S says:

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