Unboxing iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, including camera test, battery, specs etc! Enter the Giveaway HERE: https://gleam.io/competitions/Zv3cH-mega-iphone-13-giveaway (100% free and international – All phones purchased by myself)

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31 Responses

  1. Mrwhosetheboss says:

    I’ve got the Best comparison videos I’ve ever made coming right up after this video – Stay Tuned!
    Enter the Giveaway HERE: https://gleam.io/competitions/Zv3cH-mega-iphone-13-giveaway (100% free and international – All phones purchased by myself)
    Slight correction: The black color is called Midnight. Starlight is the white variant!

    • raidenchrisdionaldo says:

      Let’s go love this vids that you doin.

    • nurbu sherpa says:

      Giveaway for me would be PROMAXX

    • Christian Paolo Guavez says:

      hoping to win an iphone 🙏🙏🙏

    • Irene Cayaso says:

      Hi Mrwhosetheboss 😊 Im Irene from Philippines Honestly Im a new subscriber here in your channel this 2021 but I started enjoying your unboxing, reviews last 2020. Im currently using an old phone Oppo A37 since 2017 it is my first phone as a “touch screen” and it is a graduation gift from my parents 😊. since its a bit outdated model I planned to buy a new smartphone last 2020 that has a good camera cause i love taking selfies (😂just sayin) thats why i started watching reviews for a good camera phone then i saw your review videoz and im “kinilig” with you 😁with your voice 😍 then i tried buying iphone 11 for installment basis but i got scammed, i resigned from my job for a personal reason in the end im still with my Oppo A37 im still blessed with this phone 😊 … 😁Im sharing this inconvenient story because another honestly speaking 😅i dont know how will I enter my entries in the link I just followed your facebook and instragram page…in tweeter i will make my account first
      lol 😂 Im hoping to win I really want a new phone.. but i will still stay “kilig” whatching you even if i will not won a giveaway 😊 Thank you and God bless you more 💙

    • AKSHAY K says:

      How to refer 10 frienda

    • yuki ellington says:

      please let me win an iphone for the first time pleaseeeeeeee

  2. MrUnknown says:

    One of most difficult decisions of my life : *Choosing between Arun’s and Marques’ video when they upload at the same time*

  3. ShortHax says:

    Damn, the 1TB version could store hours of Rickrolls, but it’s expensive af

  4. shamim haldar says:

    Wow, that’s a really generous giveaway, especially in these times. I hope I win so I can finally have Iphone 13 or Iphone 13pro.

  5. Lyro Monissa says:

    That passionfruit ceo is so generous, always willing to make a cameo.

  6. Faisal Aslam says:

    the way he explains each and everything makes him legend in this field😍😍
    love Arun and his videos very much ❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘

  7. Laurie Mueni says:

    The way I trust Arun is probably more than healthy 😂.
    Also I would be honoured to win one of the phones and be the first ever (probably) Kenyan fan to do that.

    • waquzy says:

      I can’t trust a bloke who lives in the UK, yet keeps mentioning the prices in US dollars, embrace where you are from dude!!!

    • Laurie Mueni says:

      @waquzy but most people generally give prices in US dollars. Dollars are the most common standard of conversion when comparing to other currencies.

  8. Ibrahim Mohammed Zaheer says:

    1:14 oh it’s never gonna get old. love that little rick Astley peeking from the corner to remind us that every video we get rickrolled love you Arun, love you.

  9. Eruks Teejay says:

    Let’s all appreciate the enormous amount of efforts Arun puts into making his videos!
    Arun’s videos are the only videos I watch without skipping any parts.
    Keep up the good work MrWhoseTheBoss! 🙌🙌

  10. Uzo Duru says:

    Arun’s literally one of the few YouTubers who actually does giveaways for international viewers.
    Love this man!

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