iPhone 14 Pro Hands-On with NEW Features!

iPhone 14 Pro Hands-On with NEW Features!

We got our hands on the new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max! Not to mention the new Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8 and new AirPods Pro 2! Lots of cool features like dynamic island, always-on display and a lot more to talk about here.

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Find everything here:
Apple iPhone 14 – https://www.apple.com/iphone-14/
Apple iPhone 14 Pro – https://www.apple.com/iphone-14-pro/
Apple Watch Series 8 – https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-8/
Apple Watch Ultra – https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-ultra/
Apple AirPods 2 – https://www.apple.com/airpods-pro/

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43 Responses

  1. Marcus A. says:

    For so many years companies have wanted us to forget the punch out on the screen exist but incorporating it into the design in a seamless way feels like a far more elegant approach

  2. Katie Hobbs says:

    I think the dynamic island is a prime and perfect example of “apple didn’t do it first, but they did it better”

    • Verrottesok says:

      hahahaha lol no

    • Paniekzaaier says:

      And you bet your ass that Android is going to copy it

    • Jordan23 says:

      @Prison Mike I mean clowns make people laugh and strike fear into some people…Thanks, I’ll take the compliment. It’s not my fault you lack critical thinking skills

    • D4rk M4773r says:

      @Once – Aiman what is being discussed here is the fact that instead of leaving it as just an eyesore, apple is making it part of an interactive process. Tell me which phone Samsung has which makes their pill or punch outs interactive? I’ll wait.

    • Settiis says:

      @Prison Mike Because no one will spend 2000 bucks on a foldable phone to use a single screen with a weird aspect ratio ffs. Because it’s nothing that will shape the industry and frankly, no one cares. Honestly, the entire foldable phone as a concept is just a gimmick for now because if you spend that amount of money to get a phone with a plastic screen and an ugly crease, idk what you are thinking. Just watch how the Dynamic Island will come the every android phone in the near future.

  3. Tyler Temple says:

    The Dynamic island feature is a nice touch. They turned something a lot of people complain about into something cool

    • John De Leon says:

      @Red Exactly! And these android fans keeps on ignoring the main thing they always show. It’s about “safety”. Kudos to Apple for keeping us safe. 🙌🏼

    • NISMO says:

      @Red lol. Well to be fair Samsung knew exactly what to do with it, get rid of it and implement real multi tasking

    • NISMO says:

      Id rather have a punch hole with real multi tasking similar to the way Galaxy implemented with split screen and app In app mode, etc. Apple takes the cake again by giving underwhelming features disguised as innovation

    • Janith Harinda says:

      They have invested a lot of money on this software features so I think we will be living with this capsule for future iphones

    • Haytham A says:

      The island isn’t actually dynamic at all. It remains static and it’s just the surrounding pixels which are dynamic, creating a dynamic illusion. I like it and it’s a very creative twist, but just saying let’s call it what it is.

  4. HBOSD says:

    The software engineering that went into that dynamic island must have taken a couple of years to figure out. All the animations look so smooth.

  5. HnH says:

    eSim is a lot more painful than a physical sim card. You have to call your provider to switch phones. Sometimes it doesn’t activate correctly. This will be a big issue.

    • John De Leon says:

      @Diuran I know! But most of them uses sim cards. In other countries, they do that. Using multiple sim cards just to scam peeeeeeeps and it’s annoying!

    • Mel Gross says:

      We really have to see how Apple has done this. Generally you take out the old sim and put it into the new phone next to it and then Apple automatically transfers everything else on your phone to the new one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a way to get the old sim into the e-sim this way. We’ll just have to,wait until the reviews come out and see what they say.

    • Alex P says:

      Switching to esim is ridiculously easy. I did it last week from a physical and no issues

    • PandaTerminator says:

      @BeatMoneyAD in the eu u get a the code on ur user dashboard or on a cord like you got it for the sim card.. no need to contact someone or pay to change xo, US is all about the monies

  6. Nick Drinks Water says:

    im so glad they did more with the new notch instead of just make it smaller. its a whole new software experience now

  7. Danny Winget says:

    This video looks so good! Oh yeah and the iPhone 14 is pretty cool too 🤣

  8. PHXNTXM says:

    Good eye on Jay’s part about the Dynamic Island. I thought it looked familiar during the showcase. It’s nice to see that the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar didn’t die off but it evolved into the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island.

    • ProMo says:

      @PHXNTXM the M1 pro is definitely a very nice MacBook but I definitely still miss the Touch Bar, I think having it as an option or a configuration is a good idea

    • PHXNTXM says:

      @ProMo I always wanted a MacBook with the Touch Bar, but now that I have the 2021 M1 Pro, I realize that I’d never use it on a laptop. If Apple could reintroduce it and implement it more productively on Mac like they have with the 14 Pro, that would be cool.

    • ProMo says:

      I love the Touch Bar , hopefully it comes back or at least as an option for the mac

  9. Toya Sterling says:

    Apple is slowly winning me over, the IOS 16 features, new cameras, finally they got always on display. Just waiting for USB C to happen.

    • L K says:

      @TheeLaffingMan but I don’t think air dropping pro res vids are that reliable

    • L K says:

      Me2, lightning in 2022 is utter bullshit

    • Zino Productions says:

      @Moka LARE How is using a different connector (Magsafe) better for the environment than using the industry standard? Headphones, action cameras, game controllers, bluetooth speakers, tablets etc all use USB-C now. Using a different cable than everyone else just produce more waste, not less.

    • chris pinkston says:

      @J.A.R. Family pixel 6 had the crash detection thing a year ago

    • motok1d says:

      @ChipJones421 my s20 ultra has 108mp but the images are still way clearer when using the 40mp front camera than the 108 rear

  10. Tsar says:

    i love apple when it comes to animation, now they added the “dynamic island” with those animations, They just look so cool with the animation

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