James Harden trade looks like a DISASTER 😳 Stephen A. & Shannon agree | First Take YouTube Exclusive

James Harden trade looks like a DISASTER 😳 Stephen A. & Shannon agree | First Take YouTube Exclusive

James Harden trade looks like a DISASTER 😳 Stephen A. & Shannon agree | First Take YouTube Exclusive

On First Take, Stephen A. Smith and Shannon Sharpe discuss whether the James Harden trade was a mistake by the LA Clippers, then talk about Tyrese Maxey’s recent surge.

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49 Responses

  1. T C says:

    Shannon’s right: the Clippers didn’t need Harden. It’s still early, but this trade has been a chemistry killer so far.

    • Albert Boateng says:

      Yeah they do. Maybe not as much now but kawhi or George will get injured soon and then you’ll need another star to help you win. Especially in the playoffs. Shannon is wrong.

    • SuhmStank 420 says:

      Harden aint that guy. Never been

    • gilang anugrah fajar says:

      ​@Albert Boatengyeah harden last season only have two good games and blow 3-2 leads so u hope that guy “carry” clippers with the his scoring threat?

    • cobi2502 says:

      @Albert BoatengYou haven’t been watching basketball lately. The 76ers without Harden have the best record in the league so your wrong on the Clippers needing him. The 2nd part that your wrong on is them needing him in the playoffs. Everybody including James Harden knows he does not perform well in the playoffs particularly in big games either leading a series or elimination game. Harden is one of the worst playoff performers as we again saw last postseason in Game 5, 6 & Game 7 he was a no show. He did not score in the fourth quarter in 32 total minutes across Game 5, Game 6, and Game 7. We all want to point out the time either Paul George or Leonard is injured, Harden is the replacement. Didn’t we see this with the Lakers gambling on Russell Westbrook? Wasn’t he supposed to be that guy that replaces Lebron or Anthony Davis during the time they get hurt? Not only did Westbrook not fit well, but he was a disaster when Lebron and Anthony Davis missed alot of time. He could not even lead the Lakers any where. What I saw was a player that has reached his limit and Mr triple double only cared about his stats. Now you have Harden and Westbrook on the same team. Yikes! I really feel sorry for the Clipper fans.

    • Brandon Wayne says:

      Agreed but what’s the difference from what Miami did but clippers plus one. Younger team in Miami

  2. Eric Y says:

    Harden should be doing what CP3 is doing.. playing with the second unit, so he can score whenever the stars need to rest. Having all four of them as starters are taking offense away from each other.

  3. Invest Better says:

    You know what the best move for the Clippers is?
    Move Harden to the bench, and have him take all the shots he wants.
    Between Kawhi, PG and Russ, they have enough offense. They should work on their bench, and make Harden the best 6th man he can be. They won’t win with him in the starting lineup.

    • SriY says:

      they gonna move russ to the bench tho even though before the harden trade the russ, kawhi and pg trio had some of the best offensive numbers in ball

    • Glory Road says:

      He was on the bench & put him in for Westbrook with 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter 😂😂😂
      Drug test lue asap 😂😂😂

    • Nade Cha says:

      Harden needs to be moved Out the league

    • thekingbradable says:

      They also have Powell and Mann on the bench who are fighting for shots as well

    • Bobby says:

      That is the best move but yall that say this assume that he’ll willingly do that 😂 remember…he proclaimed himself to be the system lmaoooo…meaning he does not see himself coming off anyones bench. Which is fine..because that’ll create another situation where Harden has an opportunity to see that he may very well be the problem he’s always running from 🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. Tamzombren Lauderdale says:

    Im happy for Maxey, he definitely put me on notice in the PO’s last yr 😭

  5. 88ntil says:

    Watching Ty Lue in the press conferences he doesn’t even seem like he wanted James there. They were grooving with Bones Hyland and Russ and with Mann coming back they should’ve stuck to that

    • Mindful Attraction 2.0 says:

      A great coach makes this work

    • Lost nemesis says:

      Yeah because James doesn’t play off ball James doesn’t have the pace to make Pg and kawhi work he doesn’t fit the team really he was just injury insurance the only way he works is when everyone else is off the court and it’s just him.

    • Jordan Anthony says:

      ​@MindfulAttraction2.0 exactly. Far as I know ty had a prime Kyrie great great LBJ pretty good Klove and crew……….

    • Daniel Torres says:

      ​@Mindful Attraction 2.0No coacg can make Harden work

    • Learn4fun says:

      It was management that pushed to get harden as insurance for injury prone kawhi and PG. but yeah harden definitely needs to be coming off the bench as the 6th man

  6. Adriana Abbott says:

    Also PHI was brilliant trading Harden away for the EXPIRING contracts and PICKS, Come deadline PHI will make a splash with those expiring contracts and picks, It’s ALWAYS a team looking to dump a contract of a star player at the deadline, And PHI is the team that can do it and ADD to Embid and Maxey 👌

  7. J.Walters says:

    “I am the system” – James Harden

  8. Invest Better says:

    The problem with James Harden is his game is so ball-dominant, he has to lower team chemistry and the flow of the offense. As soon as he enters the offense, he’s like a black hole. Like Carmelo Anthony, you throw the ball to him and it doesn’t come back out. If he gets an assist, it’s not by design. He doesn’t flow with your offense, he resets the offense, around himself.

    • MX Hughes says:

      Exactly his passing is slightly overrated the only genuine passes he has in his career are to big men (Dwight,Capela,Claxton,Embiid) but his assist in a real half court scheme are not good

    • 562FOOO says:

      💯 Harden needs to come off the bench

    • Tyrone says:

      Carmelo wasn’t a black hole on offense stop it. For Carmelo’s entire career he never had the type of teammates harden did, if he didn’t get buckets then there was no chance for his team to win.

    • MX Hughes says:

      @Tyrone I grew up a melo fan but dude was a black hole when he felt he had to bring his team to victory.Him n harden are very similar in their behavior of stats n accolades over winning forreal,their way of thinking on how to win,their mentality of sacrificing to win etc.I always say harden is this generation’s carmelo far as the tunnel vision mentality of being treated like a champ instead of doing everything to actually become one

    • back2back says:

      He’s a ballhog passer, and yes there is such a thing. He’s not the kind of passer creating ball movement for the team overall, that’s why his teams have often been low in team passing and team assists per game, since the ball is only sticking with him for such long periods of time. True great passers pass in a way that allows ball movement for the team as a whole.

  9. King Royale says:

    I’m very happy for maxey and I hope that the Philly fans get a real opportunity for a championship I want to see the 76ers in the mix❤

    • kobe lipsey says:

      Somebody not hating Philly and actually want something good for us Philly fans?😱 wow thanks I hope the same for your team

    • Ahjusshi _Brown says:

      It would actually be great to see, this year especially

    • tokingmadd says:

      Thanks man. We’ve had our rollercoaster ride with Simmons and Harden, and am so glad to see Maxey blossom into the player he is becoming. It’s early season but with Nick Nurse I hope we can get further in the postseason at least, that would be progress.

    • Tyrik Bailey says:

      We in Philly appreciate that bro!! Good luck to your squad as well!

    • Ndnd says:

      Philly has a history of choking in playoffs. I don’t trust Philly’s regular season stuff until I see them have some post season success.

  10. Mike Quituisaca says:

    I’m so glad to see Shannon on this show. He is an asset to whatever program he is on.

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