Jimmy Uso Calls Himself The Tribal Chief | WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/26/23 | WWE on USA

Jimmy Uso Calls Himself The Tribal Chief | WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/26/23 | WWE on USA

The Bloodline chaos and friction continues. WWE SmackDown Highlights 5/26/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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47 Responses

  1. Noel Seivright says:

    Wasn’t it a couple of years ago that Jimmy was trying to convince jey to leave Roman. Now Jey is trying to convince Jimmy to stay.

    • National Sports Entertainment NSE says:

      Jimmy has just been biding his time and playing dumb for two years. Lol

    • RiceCooker2000 says:

      Jey also convinced Jimmy to join him and Roman when he came back from his injury

    • Demetri Harris says:

      Jimmy is going to be the key piece in all this he never really stood for what Roman was

    • PJP says:

      ​@Demetri Harris a couple months ago it was Jey that was struggling with being under Roman’s rule and Jimmy was the one trying to calm Jey down..

    • Jason Zaback says:

      I see alot of tension with the Usos and Roman Reigns

  2. Elliot says:

    I love the way this story has played out. Jey is very clearly emotionally abused by his cousin and now seeks to keep things peaceful based on what’s happened to him. Jimmy is now waking up. He’s now seeing the toll this is caused on his brother. He sees exactly what Sami has been saying. And he hates it. This is so good. When the Usos finally turn on Roman the pop will be insane

  3. Cayden Small says:

    The sign in the back saying “The Rock is the tribal chief” is amazing😂😂

    • Cody Johnson says:

      Yea, because that’s a real “superstar” that would have millions n millions tuning in every week to see him, Roman’s ok, but jeez, the definition of overrated if I’ve ever seen it, and it’s not his fault, this company just pushes 1 guy 10 years straight, shoved it down your throat they are the best ever, and that’s just how they do things now. They know the days of having a stone cold, a rock, and mankind, are way over so they actually found a formula that works ok for these days, I’ll give them that

    • TheOnlyGoodOneHere says:

      @Cody Johnson I wish wwe wasn’t cowardly and pg like, I feel like if it was ruthless aggression with rosters that were taller and didn’t have indy style, it would be entertaining, but roman is the most decent in the wwe right now, but he doesn’t compare to guys like hogan, stone cold, the rock, bret hart

    • Hugh Mills says:

      @Cody JohnsonNaw overrated is HHH

    • Julie Gomez says:

      Did you see the one that said suffering succotash 😂😂

    • CJC says:

      @Cody Johnson Attitude Era is overrated in my opinion. Nostalgia blinding people like always, just like in 10 years we all be overhyping the bloodline stuff then it was actual is. But we humans after all, seeing things we want to see and not seeing what we don’t want to see

  4. Eric Vincent says:

    Jey has gotten a lot of praise in the Bloodline story but Jimmy’s angle and development has been top tier as well IMO

  5. ImVellyy says:

    u can legit tell solo and the usos are trying their HARDEST not to laugh, to the point where jimmy and solo avoid eye contact sometimes like jjimmy is doing in this. lmfao its so fun to watch

  6. Micah Goslee says:

    8:07 Paul Heyman is such a crucial piece to selling/making the storyline what it is. His face after hearing jimmy say that is perfect

  7. Will N says:

    Paul’s reactions are always epic.

  8. Whitaker Visuals says:

    Bold statement: Post attitude era, besides maybe the yes movement, this is hands down the best story telling WWE has ever done.

    • jzon3251 says:

      Not that bold of a statement, it’s kind of a Macbeth type of story with King following his destiny until his kingdom gets destroyed and he is beheaded.

    • Z says:

      The yes movement was terrible.

    • Jehu Revolution Anims says:

      @Z Ur tripping

    • Gray Leo says:

      ​@Jehu Revolution Anims nah I agree with him plus when the news came out that they where gonna put the belt on DB sooner but he kept saying “I can’t go over tonight.” Kinda ruined it for me I know wrestling is formated but some stuff just need to be kept quiet

    • The Nas says:

      @Jehu Revolution Animsno he’s not, the yes movement was so stupid and DB storyline was stupid. The whole underdog story like we haven’t seen it already.

  9. SirGenesis206 says:

    WWE can’t get any other storyline right, but this right here… greatness. Pure greatness.

  10. Shawn Green says:

    “I whooped you then, I’ll whoop you now. Nothing’s changed.” Definitely fighting words.

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