My Cancer Press Tier List

My Cancer Press Tier List

As was reported might be the case, it turns out that the first day after chemo is pretty OK, but then it gets progressively worse until day 5 or 6. I’m now on day 7 and feeling OK. I’ve had many (but not all!) of the expected side effects, but my appetite has been good, which is very good for the quality of life! Glad to be through the worst of the first treatment, but obviously I’ve still got a long way to go. I wouldn’t want everyone to think that Day 7 is indicative of how you feel while you’re doing chemo…if you had seen me on Day 3 I would have been 100% horizontal.

I hear it tends to get a little worse every time (though I’ve got some tips for how to maybe make a few things hit a little less hard!) Really glad I was feeling good enough to make this video! It was nice to do something normal.

Thanks y’all.


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40 Responses

  1. Taran Lee says:

    “I think you got the vibe wrong,” said Hank Green, as he bounced around making a hilarious tier list of news outlets reporting on his cancer, grinning from ear to ear. Love you Hank, never change 😂

  2. Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

    I mean if anyone could get cancer, and then teach us so many things about it, you were the man for the job!

    • Gone to the Snow Dogs says:

      @Facebook Book Wow, you are a sad person. Everyone goes through this differently. Literally everyone. My sister in law is battling cancer right now, a rare form, and I have to say Hank’s videos have been very uplifting for all of us. You need to really look at what you have said here. Turning the illness into profiteering? Do you know how much good Hank has done for other people in this world? And if you only had any idea how little money YouTube videos actually make, you would be mind blow. It’s not what you think it is, He’s not “getting rich” off of Youtube videos. He’s not begging for sympathy, he’s telling HIS story, and it’s HIS story to tell.

      This is Hank’s outlet for dealing with his cancer. He is allowed to make videos, and talk about it, and he’s HELPING so many other people also going through it. You realize some people with cancer, NEED to hear from others who have it. Some families going through this (like ours), is THANKFUL that he is sharing his story and doing his best to stay positive and educate people about it.

      Your Toxic negativity about what he chooses to do is sad. I get it, you are hurting because your parent is going through this, but you need to find a way to deal with your thoughts and feelings, so that your family can better move forward and be positive. Cancer sucks. No matter what. It just sucks. Hank is doing amazing things here, and he’s an amazing person who has given back to so many. I am glad he is sharing his story, and teaching so many of us so much more about this process.

      If you don’t like it, keep scrolling.

    • Dorothy Lensa says:

      ​@Facebook Book if you neither have Hodgkin’s lymphoma nor are Hank Green, you don’t get a say in what Hank Green does to deal with it.
      He’s educated us on so many diseases/illnesses/conditions that if taking us through this as he goes through it is what he wants to do he gets to do it.

    • Mike Oxlong says:


  3. John Piccolini says:

    A friend going through treatment for a suspected cancer recounted during his chemo: “I may or may not have Cancer, but I definitely have Chemo.” All my best thoughts go with you – thank you for your incisive mind and indefatigable humor!

  4. RefugeeJon says:

    Hank Green may be an author, YouTube star, Vidcon founder, philanthropist, educator, musician, father, husband, son, and John Green’s brother, but to me he will always primarily be the person who indoctrinated me into Nerdfighteria via one of the first viral videos “Accio Deathly Hallows” and in doing so changed my life for the better. Wishing him as quick and comfortable a recovery as possible.

    • Facebook Book says:

      Honestly, I really hate this guys videos now.

      As someone who has a parent going through it (and may I say, much “worse” at this stage), this guy is actually OFFENSIVE.
      Stop trying to turn your illness into profiteering and promotions for items, and trying to get sympathy. Whilst I personally disagree with you making videos, and maybe even mentioning it, I still would respect you if you told us about it, but this is getting to far. Then, you COMPLAIN you don’t want to be know as “the YouTuber with cancer”.

      You realise some people with this condition can’t walk, talk, be awake for long, or even move at all.

      P.a stop censoring comments, especially from donators who disagree with you now.

    • nomical says:

      ​@Facebook Book I’m very sorry your parent is going through this. These videos are Hank’s form of processing and self expression. No two peoples’ journey with a horrific disease are going to be the same, or provoke the same emotional response.

    • Jennifer Kawaguchi says:

      For me, it was Helena, Montana hahaha

    • John Wilkes booth says:

      @Facebook Book if you find offense to this video in any way your heart is probably allready full of hate because literally all hank is doing is teaching people

    • Towel says:

      ​@John Wilkes booth No need for character judgements, they have their own suffering.

  5. Emily Little says:

    How people deal with life changing situations is so telling. Hank’s way of dealing is making hilarious content for us to enjoy- that’s a 100% genuine good person right there

  6. Carsten says:

    Hank Green is the only person who would make a tier list for something like this and that’s why he’s amazing (among a thousand other things that make him awesome. Never stop being you, Hank.

    • Stannie Holt says:

      More than that, his tier list is smart, on-point media criticism in a funny and charming package — which is hard to do even when you don’t feel crummy from a scary diagnosis and then chemo! Evaluating the different ways that various media outlets cover an event is a standard exercise in J-schools… but it’s just an exercise until it’s about someone who matters deeply to the audience. The learning goes on!

    • urMommaBear • 5 months ago says:

      4:32 says it all

    • J Koleszar says:

      Exactly! Nobody Hanks like Hank!

    • phoenixliv says:

      It’s giving a very Hank version of the Anthropocene reviewed

  7. Movie Recaps says:

    I wish John Green’s brother a speedy recovery

  8. Henry Thompson says:

    I was having a really rough day and this video felt like so human. We all have rough times, sometimes you have to sit through it and make the best of it. This really helped me today

    • Jacques Tamlyn says:

      I’m sorry you had a rough day, but glad this helped, I sending good day vibes to you for tomorrow.

  9. Jennifer Gridley says:

    My hubby had Hodgkins. He was close to the same age. He was 40. He’s now 12 years, almost 13 years cancer free. I hope your journey is like our journey. We met a lot of amazing people. We learned a lot about Leukemia and Lymphoma. We learned that we could get through anything, together. Remember during treatment week to be kind to yourself. Oh, if you get the metallic taste from chemo, orange juice I’m told still tastes great. On the off treatment week, Remember not to overdo it. Everyone loves you and only wants you to be well, so take care of you. Use your time to discover something new. I sincerely hope that you will be telling people in 13 years that you’re that many, cancer free. ❤

    • Noreen Vance says:

      This is the vibe that makes me only want to live, work with and talk with Nerfighters. Keep shining bright @jennifergridley8111 🤗

    • Azure says:

      I read the part ‘he is now 12 years’ and I immediately thought ‘did he age backwards? what? WHAT?’ 😂😂😂
      ps: English isn’t my first language

    • Jules Oxana says:

      So glad hes doing well❤ sending best wishes❤

  10. J P says:

    Watching this made me cry, a little bit because it’s hilarious, but mostly because this relatable cancer content feels so important. Cancer info and content is always so bleak and sterile. This humanizing approach just feels like it will really help other people who are going through similar things. I hope your treatment and recovery goes well.

    • rabbit says:

      This is going to sound very weird but if you want more content from ppl who have lived through cancer treatment there’s a youtuber called Jacob Andrew sharpe who’s incredibly funny and occasionally makes videos on chronic/life threatening illnesses after he was diagnosed w I think a very rare brain cancer

    • Ktealove says:

      I thought so too.. :3 I love his casual soap box about making diagnoses less scary

    • Asher T says:

      @Facebook Book …where is he trying to get sympathy? he’s repeatedly emphasising that it’s treatable and not that bad.

      respectfully, I think you may be projecting some of your completely understandable frustration with your parent’s cancer situation onto him. he’s entitled to talk about it and deal with it however he wants, as are you.

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