Jimmy Uso did WHAT to Roman Reigns?!: WWE Night of Champions Highlights

Jimmy Uso did WHAT to Roman Reigns?!: WWE Night of Champions Highlights

The Bloodline appeared shatter beyond repair, as Jimmy Uso delivered multiple Superkicks to The Head of the Table. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #WWENOC
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36 Responses

  1. XenoCard says:

    Words cannot describe how GRATIFYING this moment is. It was only a matter of time because it had to be done thanks to Sami. It’s just what Jimmy said, he did what Jey should’ve done a LONG time ago and this is pretty much payback for what Roman did to him years ago.

    He can enjoy his 1000 day streak all he wants but the Bloodline is cracked and the Usos is on their own! What happened today marks the beginning of Roman’s downfall as champion but the beginning of Jimmy & Jey’s relief from his grasp.

  2. Joseph Monroe says:

    This is the absolute best example of just because its predictable doesnt mean it wont be good, this was amazing

    • Out Work U says:


      This is why the Cody thing sucked. Yeah it was predictable that he’d win, that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

    • bt says:

      Even with Jimmy being more aggressive after Roman pushed him, I still did not expect it to be him to land that superkick tonight, but oh my god, you’re so right, and it felt so good.

    • Prasith Oudomvilay says:

      I knew sami or kevin was going to pin solo but didn’t expect jimmy will be the one to kick roman first

    • An Trần Văn says:

      The Bloodline Is Over!

  3. MegaHam X says:

    If someone made a 10 hour version of the superkicks alone, I’d watch it multiple times. The emotions these guys draw out of you is insane. Definitely one of the best storyline in years.

  4. Daniel Kail says:

    The layers of brotherly love and respect Jimmy showed was epic here. As the little brother, I can confirm this had me choked up. That “I GOT YOU!” Was perfect!

  5. thien tai says:

    Jimmys scream after the super kick was everything

  6. Aaron Crawford says:

    “Listen to me, Uce: I’m doing what you shoulda done a long time ago! I got you!”

    Full circle moment right there. Leave it to The Bloodline to finally make the Saudi shows worth something and not just a glorified house show.

  7. Excursa says:

    This moment was amazing for WWE fans and wrestling fans, the rush of happiness and how ecstatic I was to see Jimmy finally realize how Roman has been manipulating them and to pull the trigger and to do something his brother should’ve done a LONG time ago means a lot to me. (Thank you for the likes, appreciate it <3)

  8. DarkSpiritSlayer1994 says:

    Jimmy Uso is finally stepping up for himself and he wants to go on his own…major respect

  9. Joe Lang says:

    I’ve never reacted EVER how I did after that first superkick last night. The audible gasp made my wife ask if I was OK 😅 Felt like such a long time coming after seeing this begin behind closed doors in 2020 and now seeing it play out at it’s peak is exactly what the product needs, emotion, raw emotion and nobody would have thought 10 years ago that it’d be the USO’s who would bring such emotion and you certainly wouldn’t have had Roman as such a dynamic, key piece of the puzzle back in his hound dog Babyface days! Bravo to all involved and to WWE for real long term storytelling. Now to have Solo pick a side and watch it all implode and for Cody to cash in at SummerSlam 😂😂🎉

    • Chillout says:

      I can’t lie bro, i grew up in the attitude era and this storyline brought me back. I still thibk Jey gonna be the one to break Romans streak

    • Joe Lang says:

      @Chillout to be honest whilst I’m a big fan of Cody’s story and him being the one, I’d actually like it to be an ‘Evolution’ style breakout and yeah it be one of the 3 Uso/Solo brothers. Jey being the one after being the first challenger what feels like a lifetime ago is an awesome shout – all are GOATs for their involvement at this point.

    • Chillout says:

      @Joe Lang I’m with ya on that fam!

    • Vaughn Baskin says:

      But there’s also Karrion Kross, Bray Wyatt, GUNTHER, and………………………………………………………………THE ROCK!

  10. Food&AnimeFan77 says:

    Damn, after all this time, this was how he truly felt. The emotion that this man felt that was hindering in his heart. Shoot, I would have felt the same way if someone had done the same thing to someone close to me. The storyline, the drama, how everything was choreographed was perfect for the last couple years.

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