TNT Crew Reacts to Draymond Green’s Ejection | NBA on TNT

TNT Crew Reacts to Draymond Green’s Ejection | NBA on TNT

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39 Responses

  1. @zsefton says:

    “how big of a swing was losing draymond?” 🤣 That reporter deserves a raise 👏

  2. @craigthomas6706 says:

    What’s even more ridiculous than the hit is Draymond actually expecting people to believe it wasn’t intentional.

    • @baldeagle4710 says:

      Draymond is like a 4 year old. You have to have consequences for him like taking his toys away or else he will keep doing it

    • @DoppleGanger-tk6og says:

      Makes you wonder how he was raised. He’d probably be imprisoned if professional sports did not exist

    • @301larussomusic says:

      Probably those Warriors fans lol they justify all he does

    • @user-be7tc2bd6e says:

      The COMMISH needs to give Draymond the full monty for this kid-table bull&&&&. LOL. And let him know if it happens again get more drastic. This guy is 33 yrs old,he knows better.

    • @IDontBuyIt50 says:

      I love watching his comedy videos, where he pretends to be off balance and stumbles eight steps before “accidentally” falling or stepping on someone. He’s done like twenty of them. Always been dirty, always will be.

  3. @ces5rg says:

    These guys together are very good. They analyze and breakdown the game. I love Kenny, Shaq, Chuck & Ernie so I don’t think they should ever be replaced. Just showing love to these guys

  4. @zdelorean88 says:

    Kerr once again covering for Draymond. No way a head coach doesn’t get to see that play in real time, replay and several more replays to follow.

    • @baldeagle4710 says:

      Kerr is taking 0 accountability for this. What an embarrassment. He’s an enabler

    • @maharajahdann says:

      He defended the indefensible last time with Gobert, he got (obviously) told off by the league, and now he is making no comment. Besides that, what is he supposed to say? That Green is dangerous and shouldn’t be in the league?

    • @jayc5756 says:

      I think he’s trying to be loyal…so he don’t bash him publicly…maybe internally he has those deep conversations.

    • @jerrytang3146 says:

      Kerr can’t cross The Beast. He’s afraid to lose his neck.

  5. @cooblur says:

    This TNT cast is fantastic!!! Bring them back more often!!!!!!!!

  6. @truemrfu9673 says:

    Jamal’s take on coming on the bench is awesome. Dude was a baller and came off the bench when the team needed it with no ego

    • @gomarcphil says:

      Lol mal didn’t want to play defense. Nothing better than making millions for being a microwave guy off the bench. Mal is a legend averaging 20 minutes a game

  7. @SuperNASCARrocks says:

    Draymond being ejected was 100% warranted. There is absolutely no place for that in the game.

    • @Matt-df8kd says:

      No matter what excuse people wanna give him, that’s not basketball

    • @ytvel4273 says:

      @@AshTonnet-dn1weironic. maybe take your own advice if you feel this way

    • @SeeSetJaeMiirTv says:

      It use to be the leauge soft now

    • @dvdv8197 says:

      No one says it wasn’t warranted.

      In all fairness tho: the ejection was completely warranted, BUT this one was accidental, AND he didn’t throw ANY fuss when he got ejected, just went straight to locker room. That’s growth. That’s gotta count for something. Hope they don’t suspend him.

  8. @focusedallday5620 says:

    Jamal Crawford has easily become one of the best athlete analysis there is. The dudes very well spoken.

  9. @focusedallday5620 says:

    I’ve been saying this for the longest. Draymond thinks he’s more important than what he actually is to the Warriors and league. This is why he does these things and keeps going on with his day like its nothing.

  10. @ShadomanG says:

    NOBODY can replace the TNT crew—merely pointing out how elite TNT is in utilizing their alternate personnel. Great knowledge. All 3 were GREAT players & represented my Suns albeit in the twilight of their careers

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