JJ Redick Reacts To Shannon Sharpe vs. The Memphis Grizzlies

JJ Redick Reacts To Shannon Sharpe vs. The Memphis Grizzlies

In this clip from The Old Man and The Three Things podcast, JJ Redick reacts to the dust up between Shannon Sharpe and Ja Morant, Steven Adams, Dillon Brooks and The Memphis Grizzlies.

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48 Responses

  1. JJ Redick says:

    Thanks for watching. We have some fun episodes and videos coming soon so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t. Thanks, everyone.

  2. Holly says:

    When JJ said “apparently [Steven Adams] un-bunned his hair. It was let loose.” I knew this segment was going to be special 🤣🤣🤣 This is the analysis we needed.

  3. SheloveT0MMY says:

    The reaction to the cardigan was the greatest part of this😂😂😂

  4. Avi B says:

    JJs reaction to the “fight” was “damn that cardigan doe!” 😂😂😂

  5. elige stan says:

    Idc whos right or wrong the whole situation is just hilarious viewing😭

  6. Elite Clinical Research says:

    Shannons apology was incredible, he showed love to the whole grizzlies team and was a true class act. I love the passion and lets be real, it was just a lot of barking on both sides, it wasnt that serious.

  7. fuzzylogiceire says:

    I love this whole story arc, it’s hilarious! The NBA needs more of this!

    • Gregory Barned says:

      It’s hilarious because this is from a Seinfeld episode- when Kramer, and Spike Lee have a confrontation with Reggie Miller. All 3 are tossed from the arena, and then go to the strip club together.

  8. TheMagician206 says:

    I like how JJ makes it seem like the cardigan is out his price range when it’s a drop in a bucket for him 😂

  9. sussvarman says:

    it is always a pleasure to watch people try and hold steven adams back. it was like watching the ice climbers holding back bowser in smash brothers.

    • A-rob Is Beast says:

      Legend has it that the earth slowed down a bit due to the resistance of Stephen Adams to the first and second guy in the middle of his way.. lol

    • A-rob Is Beast says:

      U saw that right … I seen the guy thinking he was holding him back . Next thing u know the guy moved simply in a smoothnes against his will so much that it looks like he wanted to move that way . Lol that’s a different level of strength . The flailing and effort after he moved on is the only reason u know he was resisting . Lo

    • Kaleb Lovejoy says:

      Ice Climbers bop Bowser though

    • Steven LeBlanc says:

      @Sam Nutbeen  Lifting is real strength if you train every aspect. You think dead lifts have no application outside of a gym? That doesn’t make any sense. Even still there are lifters out there who also gained the type of country strength you’re talking about and Sharpe came up poor poor in Georgia. Steven Adams isn’t the only guy who is “pro sports strong” and “country strong”. I’m not going to diminish Steven Adams physical prowess. The guy is a specimen. It’s just that he’s not the only one and believe it or not, there’s 60 year old people walking around right now that are stronger than him. Not because Adams is weak but because there are a lot of spectacular individuals in this world. It is entirely possible Sharpe is just as strong as him right now, if not stronger. He is also a freak of nature.

    • Sam Nutbeen says:

      @Steven LeBlanc Adams is 6’11 280 and grew up in a rough town in NZ, if you don’t know about the gang situation there you should read about it. He’s one of 13 brothers I believe all similarly sized, and he has true strength due to being a farmer in the off-season, that’s real strength, not lifting numbers like the other guy was talking about. There is absolutely no way current Sharpe is stronger than current Steven Adams

  10. beboutbidness says:

    I know it’s not sexy but I wish people could talk about how Shannon Sharpe and Tee Morant dapped it up and resolved their differences after the game.

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