I Hugged The World’s Top 100 Celebrities

I Hugged The World’s Top 100 Celebrities

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25 Responses

  1. Dimitris DK' Kyrsanidis says:

    YOU DID IT!! ΜΠΡΑΒΟ ΡΕ ΦΙΛΕ, ΧΑΡΗΚΑ ΦΟΥΛ! Έβλεπα ΟΛΗ την πορεία σου μέσω των shorts και τα κατάφερες! RESPECT!

  2. Exility says:

    bro called Elon weird to his face then hugged him. LEGEND

  3. shy says:

    Everyone laughed at him until he actually did it 😭

  4. Steven A. says:

    Fidias, you proved many people (including myself) wrong. Your persistence and dedication is insane. Wishing you the best on your growing YouTube career!

  5. dogsareawesome 9197 says:

    HOLY SHXT THIS IS SO HUGE!!!!! IM SO PROUD IF YOU FIDIAS!! This has been an amazing series and im so glad you finally hugged him. Never give up!!!!

  6. Aid says:

    This has been such an ambitious and creative journey to watch unfold!!! Well done Fidias!!!

  7. Ray The Beast says:

    The amount of dedication in this man is crazy, he spent over 1 year and didn’t give up. Good job Fidias!

  8. Dennis Charkov says:

    Good job Fidias!

  9. Animexh says:

    I’m so happy for you brother!!, Hugging him would seem gimmicky for most of the people, but by this you showed the power of never giving up, persistence is the key and you are the definition of it, your journey empowered me in so many ways, thank you so much , wish i could hug you one day…

  10. Jason Suwaidan says:

    LETS GO FIDIAS!!!! I’m super proud of you and you inspire so many to be dedicated!

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